Zorlu Center Store Hero Photos

As soon as the Zorlu Center (Istanbul, Turkey) Apple store opened in April 2014, Apple posted its official “hero” photo, taken at dusk. The photo was rather dark and moody, and clearly showed the up-top Apple logo and the underground interior.

Then in early June 2014 Apple revised its Investor Web page as part of an on-going redesign, and used a different hero photo of Zorlu Center at the top of the page. In this version, the lighting is much brighter, the angle is different, more of the surrounding stores are visible (even the names!), the stairwell skylights are more obvious, and…well, it just presents a completely different view of the store and plaza. Lastly, in November 2014 Foster+Partners posted their own version of the store hero photo, which is vastly different.

Here are the two versions—notice that both images are the same width, but the official hero is slightly taller. Also widen your browser window to view the individual, full-size photos: Investor / Retail / Foster+Partners

The architectural firm Foster+Partners has a Web page describing the project, which they designed. They include their own version of the hero photo below. Notice that the tone and color of the lantern roof is completely different than the other two (more silver, less the actual white). It also does not appear to have been Photoshopped as much as the Apple versions.

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