Location: 1129 South Main Street, Walnut Creek CA

Number: 62

Grand Opening: July 12, 2003

First in Line: Thomas, 9 a.m. Friday. Kevin Lockey made the first purchase before the store opened, buying $20,000 worth of computers for education.

Building: A single-story building that fronts a busy street just off downtown Walnut Creek, and in an area of new construction for several blocks of stores. The store immediately north is Tiffany & Co. jewelers, and south is Pottery Barn-Kids, and is part of a development known as "The Corners," which features a 200 year-old oak tree in a courtyard behind the Apple store.

Features: It's a "wide" style store with a 14-seat theater at the rear, and with POS at the front. It has a stainless steel facade and Italian marble flooring.

Grand Opening: This was the first really big overnighter event! We had all-night power, a Webcam and temperatures in the lower 60s to keep us energized. There were no celebrities (everyone was down in Santa Monica for The Promenade store opening), and the new-style T-shirts were delivered without tubes--bummer!

Media: Timelapse movie and diary / music video / photos / Josh's audio "blog" of the event / event diary