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Palo Alto (Calif.) Grand Opening

I produced this video of the October 2001 grand opening of the Palo Alto (N. Calif.) retail store, the ninth store to open in the chain. The first person in line was Sachin Agarwal, who arrived at 1:30 on Friday afternoon for the Saturday 10 a.m. grand opening. He graduated from Stanford the next year with a Computer Science degree, got a job with Apple for six years, and then in 2008 founded the notable blogging company Posterous. The company was purchased by Twitter in 2012, and Sachin now works there as a product manager.

On the video you'll notice many familiar faces, including Steve Jobs, Ron Johnson, Bob Bridger, Scott Rose, Steve Cano, Jerry McDougal, Art Diaz, Bill Saponaro and others. All have gone on to better places.

The original video was created with a Canon Optura 30 miniDV camcorder, and then edited and rendered in an early version of iMovie as a 480x360, standard definition Quicktime movie. It was posted here until Nov. 2012, when I located the original miniDV tape of the finished video, created with the so-called "Print to Tape" function of iMovie. I imported that video into Final Cut Pro X and used Compressor to render a new, 640x480 version of the video. I also located the miniDV tape of the original grand opening video, and will one day create a loose edit of the event for historical purposes.