The Grove Construction

The Grove (LA) store is being renovated to add a Studio Bar, modify the theater and add back the 'kids' area. Here are some photos by Cedric that show the work.

The view ascending the glass stairs. Alas the theater is no more. But does a new Studio Bar await behind
the white plastic sheeting?

The back wall/screen of the theater will be moved forward, according to sources, making for more storage in the back-of-house, but leaving room for a new 'kids' area wall-mounted merchandise displays.

The new Studio Bar exists where the second floor cashwrap previously resided--along the west wall.

Not directly part of the renovation, but notice the absence of overhead section signs. Most other stores have signs as of Nov. 2006, but they've been modified to reflect the re-configuration of the product displays.

A view of the upstairs-right section of the store, showing the area under construction, and the new software-books section in the space formerly occupied by the theater. Check this page for older photos of the second floor.

Another view of the new software-books section and the area under construction (right).