Glass Staircases

Tipsters told me in November 2003 that the future Osaka (Japan) retail store would have a spiral glass staircase, one step up from the usual glass stairs installed inside U.S. flagship stores.

So far, I haven't been able to come up with drawing or photo of the staircase, but I have found other examples of glass staircases that have a spiral or "swoop" configuration.

The Sarawak State Library features an entry-way staircase that is constructed of layered and tempered glass very similar to the current Apple store glass stair construction.

In the above photo, you can tell that the lower two legs of the stairs are straight, with a mid-level landing over the gold-color dome. The two higher legs then curve upward to the corners of the second floor.

This view shows the curve of the upper stairway to the second floor of the Sarawak state library. In the foreground, you can see some of the hardware of the stairs, which are constructed of laminated glass panels.

This small photo of a stairway at cellular company Nokia's headquarters in Finland shows glass side walls and treads.