Apple Experience Center - Seoul, Korea

The huge COEX complex in downtown Seoul includes an "Apple Experience Center" that looks very much like an Apple store. Here are several photos from various Web site that show the interior of the store. The store opened in 2003.

The all-glass front of the authorized Apple reseller in the COEX complex, which consists of a hotel, convention center and shopping mall.

Notice the wood floor, black-painted shelving, the Corian display stand (far left-rear), and the glass-covered iPod display (right).

The Genius Bar has the same general appearance, but with the addition of the "Help Desk" lettering. There are copies of the new iLife '06 and iWork software on the shelving (left side).

The product displays are very similar--although that is an "ancient" Power Mac G4 in the background!

Looking toward the rear of the store: the glass partitions are more opaque and deeper than U.S. stores. The 'kids' section has pillows instead of round foam seats, and the theater screen is not built into the wall. The ceiling is of a different design, and doesn't include hanging section signs.