The grand opening of the Sanlitun (Beijing, China) Apple store was on July 19, 2008, attended by an overnight crowd of about 85, and a door-opening crowd of about 400. In these photos, the inside waiting crowd wakes up, forms into one of 10 numbered lanes, and then was funneled outdoors into a waiting line queue. Apple handed out umbrellas to block the blazing sun. As th press gathered, the crowd went inside to examine the store and study all of the products very closely.
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a-bigscreen a-exteriorline a-exteriorline2 a-interiorline
big screen in front of the
waiting line
the line first fills in the outdoor
  the interior line begins in
numbered lanes
a-outside a-outsidevert a-sign a-table
the store at 5 a.m.   video screen inside the
waiting space
awake & asleep
a-thepress a-umbrellas b-enteringboxes b-firstmiddle
the press assembles outside under umbrellas T-shirts handed out
to the entering crowd
ground floor middle
b-firstmiddle2 b-firstrear b-geniusbar b-geniusbar2
ground floor ground floor rear the Genius Bar  
b-people b-people2 b-people3 b-people4
the crowd was intentive
and focused
b-people5 b-secondmiddle b-secondrear b-secondrear2
  second level, demo table
and accessories
second level rear second level cashwrap