Palo Alto Store Makeover

In July 2005 the Palo Alto (N. Calif.) retail store received an extensive make-over: the original 2001 wooden flooring was warped and cracked, and the cracks accumulated some dark, unattractive dirt. That flooring has been replaced with new wood throughout the store.

At the same time, Apple removed the theater area at the rear of the store and replaced it with a Studio staffed by Creatives. The Genius Bar was relocated from the right-rear corner to the right-center bay.

Lastly, the black-wood, free-standing software shelves in the center of the store were removed and replaced with wood display tables devoted to iPods and associated sound gear.

The theater and rear-projection screen located at the back of the store was removed, and replaced with this 10-stool Studio staffed by Creatives. The Genius Bar formerly occupied the space to the back-right, where software is now located.

The original wood flooring was replaced with similar--but completely flat--wood. The Genius Bar was relocated from the right-rear (the far left in this photo), and moved to the middle-left bay of the store. (OK, folks! Move out so the kids can occupy the 'kids' section!)

The center of the store was formerly occupied by 5-foot tall, black wood shelving for software, running front-to-back. Now that space is occupied by wooden shelves and display counters for iPods and other music gear, running left-to-right.