Meatpacking District Store Construction

Workers were busy when Peter walked by the site of the future Apple store in the Meatpacking District of New York City on a Saturday. The building at 401 W. 14th St. is at the corner of 9th Avenue and Hudson Street, with a wide view from any part of the very large intersection. The photos show the scaffolding and state of the interior construction.

A view of the building looking northwest. Apple has leased space in the basement, ground and second level of the building. Besides upgrading and renovating the building before Apple puts on its finishing retail store touches, the building owner plans to add a penthouse to the building. Apple is expected to occupy the entire ground-floor width of the building along 9th Avenue (right side here), but not the entire 14th Street width of the building (left side here). Apple will occupy the entire second floor of the building.

A view along the 9th Avenue side of the building, looking southwest. Apple's store architecture doesn't include billboards, especially those that intrude on the overall esthetic of the building. The two at the back of the building and on top have to go!

The 14th Street side of the building, showing the scaffolding and top-side billboard.

The left half of the building, along the 14th Street side.

A view of the interior of the building from the 14th Street side, looking north. Notice the concrete structure of the building, and the steel frame in the foreground that may be some part of the building's façade.

Another view of the interior, with concrete structure and red-brick facing.