Jeddah City (Saudi Arabia) Apple Center

In February 2006 a new Apple Center was scheduled to open in Jeddah City (Saudi Arabia), and it has many of the standard Apple store features. Thanks to Ayman M. Ghazzawi of Arabian Distribution for Advanced Devices (ADAM) for these pre-grand opening photos of the building and store.

The sleek, glass building in which the ADAM store is located.

The store has a very prominent sign on the front. Note the Porsche Cayenne S with the white Apple logo in the back window.

The front interior of the store.

The interior of the store, showing the wood service desk and product shelving. The store opens Feb. 1, 2006.

The display counters have not yet been set up in this Dec. 2005 photo, but you can see stock of Apple products in the shelving below, including laptops, Mac minis, Cinema Displays and G5 desktops.