The Grove Renovation Completed

After months of construction, The Grove (LA) store renovation was completed, completely re-arranging the second level of the store.

Previously the glass staircase led to a long Genius Bar, a theater and lots of product shelving. Now, the second level is home to a more modestly-sized Genius Bar, an iPod Bar, a Studio Bar, along with re-arranged 'kids' and software areas. The theater…is gone.

A view from the front end of the store, showing the 'kids' section nearest the camera, the Genius Bar at the far end, the iPod Bar along the left wall, and the Studio along the right wall.

The reduced-size Genius Bar. Previously the Bar ran nearly the entire length of the store, but is now reduced to less than the width of the store.

Another view of the Genius Bar, showing on the left the low-level table offers more counter space, and also meets ADA requirements.

The iPod Bar, which appears to be pretty busy.

The Studio Bar along the side of the store.

The theater at the top of the stairs was removed, and the alcove was replaced with a software and accessories section, along with the 'kids' table.

A closer view of the 'kids' and software area of the store, where the theater previously was located.