Glass Stairway Problems

In early July a tipster noticed ripples in several side support panels of the glass stairway at The Grove (LA) store, possibly indicating a delamination of one of the several layers of the glass. The ripples affect two panels, each measuring about 15 feet tall and four feet wide. Both are on the east, or right, side of the stairs, and seems to affect the area near the edge of the glass panels.

The panels are specially constructed for Apple, and probably cost tens of thousands of dollars to manufacture.

You can see ripples in the middle, plastic layer of the glass laminate. This is a vertical side support panel for the stairs.

In this second panel, you can see ripples in the lamination layer near the corner.

Update: By November 2007 Apple had repaired the delaminated glass panel, probably by replacing it. Here's a photo of the same area shown above.