The staircase at the Fifth Avenue Apple store is unusual for the chain: its a left-spiral, descending model, compared to the usual straight or spiral ascending stairs used at other stores.

The stairs are also unusual because they're wrapped around a glass-enclosed elevator, and beneath a huge, 10-meter glass cube. These annotated photos show some of the details of the stairs and the cube.

DSC_2351 DSC_2356 DSC_2360 DSC_2373
the stair supporting
stair sidewalk the elevator and
supporting glass
overall view
DSC_2397 DSC_2402 DSC_2403 DSC_2408
the stair supports the support
attachments points
close-up of the elevator
view of the stair
DSC_2457 DSC_2479 DSC_2480 DSC_2481
interior of the elevator the ground floor
glass platform
wide view of the
cube entrance
closer view of cube
details of the glass
cube structure