The wraps came off the 14th Street (NYC) store on Dec. 6, 2007, revealing a spectacular 3-story spiral glass staircase. Here are the first photos of this unique store. Also check the day-time photos.
14thdoor_sil frombackcorner h_across9thwide h_across_streetwide
passers-by check the store a rear cashwrap position from across 9th Ave. from across 14th St.
h_backcorner h_from14thcorner h_stairbase h_stairfrom14th
the 1st floor rear stairs in front the stairway base view of the floors
stairs_insidewall v_across_streetwide v_insidefrontdoor v_stairbase
the inside of 14th St. side 3 floors the inside 14th St. side stairway base
v_stairfrom14th v_stairtop v_threestories v_upperbridge
the stairway and floors the stairway top the three levels the upper glass bridge