108 N. State Street

In December, 2005 I revealed the possibility of a future Apple store at the future 108 N. State Street development in downtown Chicago. There was little news of that site since that announcement...until March, 2007.

Sharp-eye Brian found a large-sized version of an architect's rendering that had been previously posted on-line about the State Street development. Looking very closely at a ground floor space, he found colors and designs that look very Apple-like. The interior of the store seems to indicate that Apple will occupy this space. You may recall that an Australian architect also used Apple for renderings, although the developer claims it did not signify a commitment by Apple. Check it out...

Update: In Sept. 2008 it was confirmed by job listings that Apple will occupy a space in this complex.

Here is the rendering that Brian spotted, although he worked from a larger version. Look on the ground floor, behind the tree on the middle-right, and underneath the multi-colored façade.


Here is that section of the rendering. Notice the green poster inside the retail space, with black patterns, outlined here in red. Notice that the patterns exactly match the portion of an Apple iPod shuffle poster, shown in full below.

Next, Brian noticed another similarity, this one obscured by a tree on the sidewalk.

Here is a comparison of an Apple billboard and the purple poster inside the store of the architect's rendering. The rendering poster is a less-cropped version of the billboard, showing more of the model's right hand and lower body. The model's head is obscured by the tree leaves, and a building pillar blocks other parts of the image. The model's shirt is lighter in the rendering version. However, despite all this, you can see that the two images match.

Lastly, here is the building floor-plan, with the possible Apple store spaces colored in yellow on the right.