San Francisco Store Photo Retouched

With all the world’s technology at its fingertips, Apple is capable of creating some pretty impressive stores. But it can’t control everything.
In mid-2006 Apple’s Retail Web page included a photo of the downtown San Francisco retail store, on the very visible corner of Market and Stockton Streets. In Apple’s version of the corner, the store is a glowing attraction of stainless steel and lights. Their photo is most likely a composite of photos and/or illustrations from before and after the Apple store was constructed.

However, the corner’s real visibility is marred by overhead trolley electric lines, power poles, signs and other obstructions, as shown on the photo below of the same corner taken Dec. 22, 2006.

Apple Photo-shopped the obstructions out of the photo, and included an entire building to make it more serene. Below are the two versions of the scene. Roll over the “Actually” photo to find the various differences between the two photos.

Many other previous store hero photos have also been Photoshopped, including the Palo Alto 2 (N. Calif.), Third Street Promenade (S. Calif.) and Amsterdam (Netherlands) stores.

This is the original hero photo of the San Francisco store, which is famously devoid of the many distractions that are actually present in the San Francisco street scene.

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