Here are the hottest events occurring in 2011 that need to be detailed:

  • Job listings appeared for Columbia (SC), but with not location—where is it going to be?
  • In February 2013 job listings appeared for a Bonn (Germany) store, but without a location. Where will it be—perhaps Münsterplatz, in the bank space?
  • In early Dec. 2012 tipsters pointed to another Manhattan store somewhere, and to all sorts of locations in Brooklyn and possibly Queens (NYC). Where, please?
  • Seattle (Wash.) – A downtown store is a necessity. But where?
  • Stockholm (Sweden) – The Täby Centrum store opened in a suburb and Malmö is on the way. But is there a city-center Stockholm store planned?

Here’s a list of scouting information that I need:

  • People are talking about another District of Columbia store, somewhere in or around Chinatown? Help!
  • China – Apple has pledged to open 25 stores by the end of 2012. In what other cities beyond Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong?
  • Manchester (UK) – Is there really a huge Apple store going into the former Heals furniture store? Is it opens, will either of the existing stores close/move?
  • Mexico – Yes or no? Any chance that the rumored Mexico City store is real?
  • South America – Beyond Brazil (opening Feb. 15th), what’s the strategy for this continent? Will stores arrive here before Africa?
  • Ottawa (Ont.) – Anything happening along Wellington Street in the Hintonburg neighborhood?
  • Oxford (UK) – I know that a store is planned for the central business district, but where?
  • World Trade Center (USA) – Rumors say a store will eventually open here, but what are the details?

What did I forget to ask–tell me!

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