Future Apple Stores

Apple’s first two retail stores opened on the same day in 2001, and there are now 453 stores open in 14 countries. With the help of hundreds of people and lots of personal work and travel, I’ve collected information about Apple’ stores listed and described below.

Here are some other resources about existing and future stores:

Existing Stores

If you’re interested in the history of the stores that are already open, I’ve collected a chronology of all the stores, along with a write-up about them and links to other information.

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Grand Openings OfficiallyAnnounced

Apple Watch at Selfridges (London, UK). Grand opening March 10, 2015 in connection with the Apple Watch debut.

Apple Watch at Shinjuku (Tokyo, Japan), Grand opening March 20, 2015 in connection with the Apple Watch debut.


  • Apple Watch at Isetan (Tokyo, Japan), Grand opening March 10, 2014 in connection with the Apple Watch debut.

Apple Watch at Galleries Lafayette (Paris, France), Grand opening March 10, 2015 in connection with the Apple Watch debut

Future Stores

Apple admits to opening 35 to 40 new stores during each fiscal year, with about three-quarters outside the United States. However, Apple does not acknowledge the location of future stores at all until about seven to 10 days before the actual grand opening event. Despite this shyness, the locations and opening dates of many future retail stores have been confirmed through information from Apple’s job openings Web page, news articles and tipsters.

If you have information about any future stores, let me know!

Confirmed By Various Sources

  • MixC Hangzhou – Hangzhou (China) – Tipsters added this location to the list of five stores that would open in January-February 2015. No details on the location within the mall.
  • Piazza della Republica – Florence, Italy – In mid-2012 tipsters pointed to city-center Florence for a future store, and eventually to the Edison Bookstore in an old building at Piazza della Republicca, 27. In late Sept. 2012 a news story said that Apple, the building and city officials had agreed to a plan to close the bookstore and install an Apple store inside. Early construction underway. A grand opening date is uncertain. [interior Jan. 26, 2015]
  • Münsterplatz – (Bonn, Germany) – In mid-February 2013 a job listing appeared for this city of 325,000 residents in the west-central part of the country, but without an exact location. In early June 2013 tipsters pointed to this Commerzbank building at #1-3, adjacent to a large public square. The permits to demolish the interior and restore the building have reportedly been granted. A July 2013 story says the building will undergo renovation in 2014, and the store could open in 2015. In mid-2014 construction began with the complete demolition of the interior, but with the exterior walls retained. By Nov. 1, 2014 the store was surrounded by a black construction barricade with extensive interior work. The store could open in mid-2015. [Sept. 15, 2014 story] [Nov. 1, 2014]
  • Lincoln Road 2 – Miami Beach (Fla.) – In May 2013 tipsters pointed to a planning application submitted by appear to the city for a replacement store at 1021-1025 Lincoln Road. The company had previously proposed a store at 1001 Lincoln Rd., but the Upper West Side-like design was strongly criticized as not blending in with the historic district. In June 2013 the city approved Apple’s design proposal, and construction was underway in Oct. 2014 for a possible spring 2015 grand opening. [Architectural Planning Board meeting, June 2013 video] [rendering] [construction July 29, 2014 / Aug. 19, 2104]
  • San Francisco 2 – In May 2013 San Francisco mayor Ed Lee appeared at the current downtown store with Apple’s Bob Bridger to announce a future store two blocks away at 300 Post St. (or 345 Stockton St.), facing Union Square. The store would replace the existing store at Market St. & Ellis St. The current site is occupied by a trangular Levi’s retail store of about 9,240 s.f. The rear of the store faces a plaza that is part of the entrance to a major hotel. The proposed 2-level, glass-front design was created by Foster + Partners, the firm that designed Apple’s future HQ. It would be the company’s third Apple retail store project after the Zorlu Center (Istanbul) and West Lake (China) stores (the latter a near-twin). Within a week of the announcement, critics noted the proposed plan includes removal of a popular fountain on the rear plaza. Mayor Lee said he wasn’t aware of the removal plan, and he would be revisiting the proposal. Final plans retain the fountain after carefully moving it a short distance. Permits for demolition, structural strengthening and store construction total $19.6 million so far. Construction began in late October 2014 on the east side of the store. The store’s construction permit ends in June 2015, indicating a grand opening soon after. [rendering #1 / #2] [news story] [store site] [historic evaluation, pdf] [Feb. 2014 revisions story / renderings] [final approval] [Aug. 2014 permits] [Dec. 17, 2014 update] [compare to West Lake (China) store] [demolition photos of site’s original Levi’s building Feb. 2015]
  • Canton Road – Toy House, Hong Kong (China) – There is a shopping arcade in a high-rise office building at 100 Canton Road in the midst of Kowloon’s upscale shopping district, with all international retailers. In late March 2012 the Hong Kong Economic Times said Apple would open a store here. In early Jan. 2013 the Tang Dynasty restaurant and fasion house Chocolate moved out on the street-facing, ground level, possibly the location of the store. No timeline is known, but probably spring 2015. [Photos in April 2013 #1 / #2 / #3 / #4 / #5] [photos Feb. 2015]
  • Gran Via – Bilbao (Spain) – In late July 2013 a newspaper pointed to Gran Via 27 along the main shopping street in city center as a future Apple store location. The interesting and historic building is at a prominent corner. The ground floor space was previously occupied by the Blanco clothing store. Like several other similarly-sited stores (Valencia, etc.), the store could occupy the ground and upper floor. The store could open in 2014.
  • Marché Saint-Germain (Paris) – In mid-August 2013 Le Parisien pointed to this large indoor arcade mall as a future Apple store site. Napoleon had the original structure built in 1811 between Rue Clément, Rue de Seine, Rue Lobineau and Rue Mabilon (now officially 3 Rue Clément). In 1995 the building was completely renovated and updated to support 21 retailers, including upscale international brands, food markets and restaurants. It also includes a theater, public swimming pool, gym, child care facility, and 411 underground parking spaces. In Nov. 2009 the Belgium firm Banimmo purchased the building for $43 million and has been heavily marketing the retail spaces. According to sources, Apple scouted the building in 2012, reached agreement on construction terms in Spring 2013, and is now in final lease negotiations. In Nov. 2014 a tipster said the retail building would be reconstructed starting in Feb. 2015, with the Apple store in the center. By Jan. 2016 the existing tenants had moved, making way for Apple store construction. The store could open in early 2016. [entrance]
  • World Trade Center – New York City – In early Sept. 2013 press reports said Westfield Group was negotiating with several retailers, including Apple for spaces in a 460,000 s.f. mall underground and within the lower floors of three of the office towers being constructed. The three towers are part of a five-tower complex across from the 9/11 Memorial Park in lower Manhattan. The towers and mall are scheduled for completion in 2015. Apple will reportedly occupy a lower-level space in the “Occulus.” [news story] [renderings] [May 2014 space layout] [retailers jostle for spaces]
  • Upper East Side (Manhattan, New York City) – In early May 2014 various sources confirmed that Apple was planning renovation and construction for a store at 938-940 Madison Ave. at 74th St., a 1921-era bank building occupied by luxury retailer VBH since 2002. The building was designed by architect Henry O. Chapman for the United States Mortgage and Trust Company, but also housed various other banks and an art gallery. The building is neo-classical, is 95 feet wide and features a limestone exterior and Knoxville marble entrance and base. A $60,000 demolition permit was issued in May 2014, A $250,000 “facade repair” permit was issued in July 2014. The main cellar, first, mezzanine and roof construction permit was issued in Dec. 2014 valued at $751,000. The store is now under construction by Shawmut Design and Construction. Based on construction schedules, the store could open in late 2015 or early 2016. [building history] [first story / confirmation] [first construction permit, Dec. 2014]
  • Parkland Mall – Dalian (China) – This city of 6 million residents sits on the peninsula in the northeast corner of the country. The mall is in the Zhongshan District of the city. The store has been planned since 2011, and is rumored to be Apple’s largest to date. It will have a glass staircase. No timeline is known. [news story, July 2012]
  • Abu Dhabi – (UAE) – In Jan. 2015 locals noticed job listings for a second location with the UAE, this time in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, but at an unconfirmed location, possibly Yas Mall. The construction schedule isn’t known, but this store will reportedly open before the Dubai store (see below).
  • Mall of the Emirates – Dubai (UAE) – On Aug. 16, 2014 official job listings appeared for this country along the Persian Gulf, but without any specific emirate, city or building location. The country’s 9 million residents are considered tech savvy, well-educated and having discretionary income. It is also a key tourist destination and home to many ex-patriates. There are many upscale retail shopping developments in the UAE, usually in conjunction with residential and office spaces. A middle-east blog claims the store will be located at the Mall of the Emirates. Based on hiring schedules, the store should already be under construction, and could open in spring 2015, after the Abu Dhabi store.
  • Dublin (Ireland) – In June 2009 a local newspaper reported that Apple real estate execs have been working with advisers Jones Lang LaSalle to scout locations in the city, including Suffolk Street (former Habitat store with 22,000 s.f. for $1.8m per year) and Grafton Street (former Dunnes Stores, closed Feb. 2009). Both locations are along high-profile, high-traffic shopping streets. Grafton St. is always among the Top 10 retail locations in Europe (Cushman Wakefield). Lease costs are falling in the city, the newspaper reports, and several international retailers are looking for bargain spaces. The store could cover 6,000 s.f. over two levels. Now, the only Apple presence in Ireland is Premium Resellers, and four “store-in-a-store” areas inside PC World stores, three with full-time Apple-trained reps. In Jan. 2010 Irish press reported Apple was on-track for a 2011 opening in Dublin, but with no specifics. There was no activity until early Sept. 2014 when job listings appeared and tipsters said a store was set to open in Nov. 2014.
  • Toison d’Or – Brussels (Belgium) – In April 2012 the publication L’Echo speculated that Apple would occupy a future mixed-use building along Rue de la Toison d’Or between Rue Chevaliers and Rue Drapiers. The entire mall project is now under constructions. A local blog says the store will open in fall 2015, in a two-level, corner space at Avenue de la Toison d’Or and Rue des Drapiers. Job listings for the country posted on Dec. 5, 2014. [project rendering] [construction March 17] [Jan. 15, 2015 photo]
  • Ghent (Belgium) – The city is the second-largest in the country, with about 250,000 residents. In August 2012 a local Web site said Apple would open a store along the city-center shopping street Veldstraat, across from the FNAC store. In mid-Dec. 2013 a real estate source said Apple was negotiating for space inside the former train station/post office facing Korenmarkt Plaza in city center. The old, ornate building dates to 1898, is heritage protected, and has been vacant for five years. In mid-May 2014 a tipster said Apple was finalizing a lease on the post office location, and store construction could begin after that, with a 2015 grand opening. Job listings for
  • Antwerp (Belgium) – In Nov. 2014 a local Web site said this city of 480,000 residents in the near-middle of the country would host an Apple store at an unknown location, but only after stores in Brussels and Ghent were open (see above).
  • Finland – In October 2014 a tipster said Apple is in the very preliminary stages of preparing for retail stores in Finland, including translating the retail store computer systems to Finnish. The county of 5.5 million residents is a Nordic country, with a very educated and tech-saavy population. It would be the second country north of Europe with an Apple store.

Reported by Tipsters

  • Champs Elysées (Paris) – In 2001 Sr. VP Retail Ron Johnson named the five “key” locations in the world where Apple needs to be, and Apple is already at four: North Michigan Avenue, SoHo, Ginza and Regent Street, leaving just this grand Paris avenue lined with major retailers yet to be fulfilled by Apple. The street (1.25 miles) runs from the Place de la Concorde to the Arc de Triomphe north of the Seine River, and includes a Virgin Megastore, Disney Store, Louis Vuitton, Sephora, Swatch, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Lacoste, Gap, several cinemas and auto showrooms. The north side of the street is considered more desirable than the south side. Tipsters confirmed Apple’s Paris interest in 2003, and by April 2005 were pointing to #66 near the Virgin Megastore at Rue La Boetie. In May 2005 Steve Jobs told a Regent Street store visitor the Paris store will open in 2007. In Spring 2006 speculation turned to 11 Rue Scribe, north of the Tuileries. In Feb. 2008 Planet Hollywood announced a move from its location at 76, Avenue Champs Elysées, sparking speculation Apple might want the 3,200 s.f. space. In Sept. 2010 MacGeneration reported Apple has settled on #103, an HSBC bank branch. In Sept. 2011 iPhoneAddict speculated Apple would occupy #127, formerly Lancel. In late Feb. 2012 Virgin announced they will vacat #52-60, a large space in an old building at a corner, generating speculation that Apple might occupy the space.[stores map] [area map] [my on-site scouting trip] [Rue Scribe] [Sept. 2010 story]
  • Maui, HI – The island is known as the most lively island in the chain, with only 135,000 residents but 2.1 million annual tourists from the U.S. (87%) and other countries (13%). A survey noted that two-thirds of the tourists engage in shopping, although most of that is at department, convenience and hotel stores. But surveys also show the largest percentage of visitors in the over-$150,000 income category, followed by $70,000-$124,999. And residents residents have an average household income of $67,190. In July 2005 a tipster said the store will open some time in 2007.
  • Kyoto (Japan) – Tipster revealed store on Aug. 30, 2004. The city is about 30 miles northeast of Osaka, and about half-way to Nagoya in the mid-part of Honshu island. It would be Apple’s fourth retail store in the country. It has population of 1.3 million, but 2.5 million in metro area. Was the country’s capitol for 1,000 years and is rich in historic sites.
  • Umeda – Osaka (Japan) – Tipster revealed second Osaka store on Aug. 30, 2004. It would be the fifth store in Japan, and provide coverage to the northern portion of downtown Osaka (Shinsaibashi covers the mid-south portion), where there is a major concentration of electronics retailers.
  • Taipei – Taiwan – A story in the “Taiwan Economic News” claims that Apple has announced a flagship store in downtown Taipei, and will sign franchise agreements with two outlets to open reseller stores. Story appeared Aug 16, 2004, but I have no confirmation.
  • Carriage Crossing – Collierville, TN – Operated by Cousins Properties Inc. southeast of downtown Memphis, with 65 shops covering 787,000 s.f. It’s about 10 miles from the existing Germantown store. In late Aug. 2006 tipster said Apple is negotiating for space in the Phase II section of the mall, to open some time in 2007. The mall’s architect is working on design approvals with the city’s Design Review Commission. Relocation or renovation scheduled for summer 2008. [site plan, pdf]
  • Glenbrook Square – Fort Wayne, IN – Originally reported to be at Jefferson Pointe, a 543,000 square-feet open-air lifestyle center on the city’s west side managed by Gilmcher. A tipster reported the store in early Oct. 2006, and the store was to open in Fall 2007. However, the mall changed management from Gilmcher to Madison Marquette in late 2007, and lease conflicts forced Apple to withdraw. As of Feb. ’08 Apple was looking at the General Growth Properties-owned Glenbrook Square, but by early March ’08 mall management said “no plans or consideration” of a store. In late May tipsters confirmed a store at this location by late 2008. Job listings posted early June, 2008. Store could open by early 2009. [mall plan #1 / #2, pdf]
  • Bal Harbour Shops – Bal Harbour, FL – The village occupies less than one-half square mile on a barrier island of north Miami Beach, and has just 3,200 residents. But it’s a popular, upscale jet-set and tourist (U.S. and international) destination. Some time in 2008 Apple will move into the second-level space now occupied by Gap Kids/Baby Gap, after that company decided to move to a street-level space outside the center. The space is at one end of the mall adjacent to Neiman Marcus. The mall has 500,000 s.f. of space, and brags that it has the highest per-square-foot sales of any U.S. mall (~$1,600 vs. Apple’s >$4,000 and national average of $340). [mall map]
  • Church Street – Stonnington, Australia – News of this store in the near-suburb of Melbourne broke Feb. 9, 2007 when renderings of a future mixed-use development were posted on-line–a prominent corner was filled with a 3-story Apple store. But within days the developer claimed the Apple store was merely speculative. However, those with Australian real estate and construction knowledge say the store is a reality. However, no action since 2007. [renderings]
  • South Africa – In mid-February 2007 Apple advertised abroad for the position of Retail Marketing Manager, with responsibility for “large project implementation” within the Retail group. The position would be based in Sandton, a nothern suburb of Johannesburg. The job listing exudes “stores coming eventually.”
  • Museum Place – Fort Worth (TX) – A new urban village just west of downtown, near the Kimball Art Museum, covering 12 acres, and offering retail (28 spaces, 110,000 s.f.), office, residential, hotel and entertaiment spaces. The retail spaces are to open starting in Spring 2008, with full build-out by the end of 2008. Apple’s space is on the south side of 7th St. between Arch Arden St. and Barden St. First revealed May 24, 2007 by the Fortworthology Web site.
  • Shops at Wiregrass – Wesley Chapel (FL) – This tiny town (pop. 5,887) is 24 miles northeast of Tampa along I-75, where Forest City Enterprises is building a 5,000-acre community of homes, offices, hospital, schools and an 800,000 s.f. shopping center with 60 shops, to be anchored by Dillard’s and Penney’s. An Aug. 6, 2007 St. Petersburg Post story said plans filed with Pascoe County shows Apple as a tenant. The store will open in October, 2008.
  • Mexico City (Mexico) – In December 2007 tipsters said that Reichmann International was negotiating with Apple for a space inside an annex to the Torre Mayor office/retail complex, the tallest building in the city. No other intel has been received and no construction is reported. It would be the first south-of-the-U.S.-border store, and would signal, finally, that Apple has southern hemisphere plans. As of Sept. 2009 the annex is finished but unoccupied. [Sept. ’09 photos #1 / #2 / #3 / #4]
  • Moscow (Russia) – In April 2011 a visitor to Moscow noticed Ron Johnson and VP Real Estate Bob Bridger examining spaces inside the retail arcade at Hotel Moskva near Red Square. There was no further activity until August 2012, when local media reported Apple had formed a legal entity (Apple Rus) in Russia to operate retail stores, headed by legal advisor Vitaly Morozko.
  • 1010 Midtown – Atlanta (GA) – In early Sept. 2007 a tipster said Apple and a trio of developers were in negotiations for a retail store on two acres at Peachtree Street between 11th and 12th Streets, part of the city’s Midtown Mile. The project is the first phase of a huge, multi-block project known as 12th & Midtown, intended to increase the area’s attraction. The 35-story building will house 443 luxury condos and 38,000 s.f. of street-level shops and restaurants. The 1010 building condos will open Fall 2008, followed by retail in Spring 2009. [area map] [Webcam] [info/renderings] [aerial plan] [rendering] [Midtown Mile map]
  • The Shops at Brentwood – An Oct. 2007 news article claimed Apple was “interested” in locating at this 400,000 s.f. lifestyle mall in a commuter suburb northeast of San Francisco, and about 25 miles from the existing Walnut Creek store. The size (pop. 23,000), remote location and demographics seem at odds witih Apple’s usual choices, but the region is changing as new housing developments are built. The outdoor mall developer by Continental Real Estate Co.’s (Ohio) will have 100 shops and restaurants, and could open by late 2008 or early 2009.
  • Docks en Seine – Paris (France) – In mid-May, 2008 iGeneration.fr noted a video of a press tour around this 155,000 s.f. riverside shopping and fashion complex being renovated by development company Icade. During the tour, a company official mentioned they had been in talks with Apple. Other press reports said, “an international company specialising in high tech will shortly announce its move into 370 m²” at the complex. The development opened in Fall, 2009 southeast of Ile de la Cité. [info] [photos]
  • Park Place – Barrie (Ont.) – In late May, 2008 a tipster pointed to this 200-acre lifestyle development about 60 miles north of Toronto that is now in the final planning stages, and with the first phase scheduled to open in 2010. The development will also include office space, residential, hotels, industrial/manufacturing, big-box retailers, auto sales, cinema, restaurants and park land on the former Molson Park property. The outdoor mall, developed by Centrecorp, will have nearly 700,000 s.f. of ground-floor retail space. Apple’s space could be in a space opening out to 2014. [brochure, pdf] [mall plan, pdf]
  • Queen Street – Auckland (New Zealand) – In late Oct. 2008 the Herald newspaper said Apple was believed to be scouting for locations along lower Queen Street, near the harbor, an area that is going up-scale with the opening of Gucci and Louis Vuitton. No exact location or details are available. There was no activity until Sept. 2010 when the local Apple reseller Renaissance Corp. announced it would re-brand itself and try to get out of the “distribution” business.
  • McAllen/Laredo (Tex.) – In mid-Nov. 2008 tipsters said Apple would open a store in at least one of these border towns during 2009, possibly inside Phase II of the 590,000 s.f., Simon-operated Palms Crossing (McAllen) mall will open west of downtown, 10 miles from Mexico and adjacent to the city’s new convention center, or at the upscale, under-construction, 1.3 million s.f. Piazza del Sol mall. The McAllen region’s population has increased 139% over the past 10 years, and retail sales per capita have been twice the national average, with 37% of the city’s retail sales to visitors from Mexico. Either store could open by Fall 2009. [Palms Crossing brochure, pdf] [Piazza del Sol brochure, pdf]
  • Manila (The Philippines) – In April ’09 a tipster said Apple has long-term plans to locate a high-profile store within the future stock exchange store located on 5th Avenue in Fort Bonifacio, the former U.S. and later Philippine military base. The former base was privatized in 1995 and is being developed into various commercial projects. The store would be considered an “anchor” tenant for the stock exchange building, according to wording on the CB Engineers Web site. [area map][early renderings]
  • Fox River Mall – Grand Chute (WI) – In June ’09 a tipster said an Apple store was planned for Appleton, but at an unknown location. However, it’s most likely at this General Growth mall with 180 shops in 1.2 million s.f., just west and outside of the Appleton city limits. Unknown timeline..
  • Bourbon Pompéia – São Paulo (Brazil) – Persistent tipsters say that a store will open in this city of 11 million people on Francisco Matarazzo Avenue. It would be the first store in South America. The location was reported to be in or next to the Bourgon Pompéia Mall, which opened in 2007. The mall has an Imax theater, Sony Style store, and many other upscale retailers. According to the tipsters, the store will cover 13,000 s.f. on the 4th level of the building, converted from parking to retail. The store entrance will be on the 3rd level of the mall. In Oct. 2010 speculation focused on the JK Iquatemi shopping complex, partially completed, and occupied by high-end retailers. In Sept. 2011 Ron Johnson reportedly sent email to an Apple store fan essentially saying it will not be soon.
  • Lonsdale House – Melbourne (Australia) – In Aug. 2009 the Victoria planning minister approved plans for a developer to demolish the 1930-era five-story building at 269-273 Lonsdale Street, as part of a larger retail development that would create 240 store spaces. The decision had been fought by art deco preservationists, who claimed the building was irreplaceable. The Victoria state government refused to designate the building as a heritage protected site (pdf). After the planning approval, an official of Colonial Global Asset Management said his company had been in contact with Apple about a space, but that no agreement or lease had been reached. [Aug. ’09 news story] [speculative rendering]
  • Silverburn Shopping Centre- Glasgow (Scotland) – In Dec. 2009 a news story said developer Hammerson was “in talks” with Apple to occupy a space here, possibly in a 100,000 s.f. expansion area. The 1 million s.f. mall opened in 2007 with 94 stores is on the M77 highway southwest of city centre, and about 6 miles from the existing Buchanan Street Apple store. Hammerson aquired half-interest in the mall in Dec. 2009 in a bidding war, after a bank foreclosed on the previous owner. No exact space has been identified, and the timing of a grand opening isn’t known.
  • Bedford Street - Brooklyn (NYC) – In early September 2007 tipsters said Apple’s real estate team was looking at properties in Brooklyn, possible along Atlantic Avenue or in Williamsburg. In Feb. 2008 the New York Post reported that borough president was pitching several sites to Apple: Albee Square, One Hanson Place and the ground floor of the Municipal Building at 210 Joralemon St. In early Dec. 2010 New York City opened bids for retailers to buy or lease the ground floor of 210 Joralamen, sparking more speculation that Apple might select the space. In Jan. 2011 rumors said Apple was looking at the proposed Atlantic Yards or Downtown Brooklyn projects near Atlantic Ave. and Flatbush Ave. In April 2012 there was speculation about 176 Bedford Ave., a Salvation Army property. In Dec. 2013 a Web report said Apple looked at 286 Ashland Place (Fort Greene), and 242 Bedford (Williamsburg, with Whole Foods). In April 2014 a Web site said Apple was still eyeing 242 Bedford. In Nov. 2014 the NY Post said real estate sources confirmed 247 Bedford (officially 156 N. 4th Street), a 20,000 space in a 1930 red-brick building. The building has now been demolished and is surrounded by construction plywood. A purported rendering of the future building dates to mid-2012, and shows red brick walls with tall, arched windows that might comply with Apple’s architectural guidelines. [old lease flyer, pdf]
  • Downtown Seattle – In Sept. 2010 various sources began pointing to the downtown area for a huge, high-profile, street-level store some time in the near future (2011?). No other details were known, but Apple’s intent is clear, the tipsters say. A possible space at 2nd & Pine has been claimed by the H Mart grocery chain. In Feb. 2011 tipsters began focusing on 601 Pine St., the former Old Navy space that wil be only partially being occupied by a future Forever 21 store. [leasing brochure] [photo #1 / #2]
  • Rue de la République – Lyon (France) – In April 2011 a local Web site pointed to #1 Rue de la République, a former government employment office, as a future Apple store. It would be the second store for the city. The building was the site of the city’s first cinema in 1896. No timeline is known. [news story] [interior photos May 14]
  • Guangzhou – China – In April 2011 a China Web site reported this city will host an Apple store at the future Grandview Mall complex adjacent to Tianhe Sports Center north of city center. The timeline for the store is unknown. [news story, July 2012]
  • King Street – Stuttgart, Germany – In July 2011 a German newspaper reported on improved retail activity along King Street in this city, noting that Apple had scouted at least one location. In Jan. 2014 another article said Apple was still scouting, and possibly at the future Milaneo mixed-use project that opens in late 2014, and the existing Königsbau Passagen mall.
  • Union Station – Denver, Colo. – In August 2011 a tipster pointed to an Apple logo in a fly-over rendered video of a project to rehab the 1865-era train station, and to add pedestrian and transport features, along with shops and restaurants. The tipster also said an architectural team was working on Apple store designs for a building north of the station. Watch the developer’s video of the project. [rendering]
  • Toulouse (France) – In Jan. 2012 tipsters said that Apple had been scouting street-level locations for a future store in this city of 440,000 residents along the Garonne River near the border with Spain. The scouts were apparently looking at properties in the Place du Capitole, in city center. No other details are known.
  • Austin Street (Queens, New York City, NY) – In Jan. 2012 the NY Daily News said Apple real estate scouts had contacted Heskel Group to locate potential store sites along Austin Street in Queens. No specific location or timelines is known.
  • India – In Jan. 2012 the government of India revised regulations on foreign ownership of single-brand retail operations, allowing 51% foreign owenership. Under the regulations, 100% ownership is also possible if product sourcing is at least 30% from India ventures. After the regulations became effective, unnamed government officials said that Apple executives had approached the government to discuss locating retail stores in the country. Now, the officials said, they had opened a door for Apple, but were unsure of what the company’s plans are. No more specific information about locations or timing are known. In Feb 2014 Apple reportedly re-engaged the India government on the topic, asking them to give the company an exemption to the 30% sourcing rule. A government spokesperson hedged on whether such a one-company exemption was proper.
  • BayWalk – St. Petersburg (Fla.) – This tired and mostly empty 73,000 s.f. mall was sold to new owners in Sept. 2011 for $5.2 million (previous owners were asking $8 million), and the new owners have grand plans for renovations. The two-level, open-air mall includes a multi-screen cinema. In Jan. 2012 the owners claimed they were “in conversations” witih Apple to locate a store at the mall. The mall seems unlikely for an Apple store for many reasons, including there are only 6 tenants now.
  • 1 Bloor West – On Feb. 28, 2012 a tipster reported that Apple had purchased the Stollery’s clothing store in downtown Toronto, and intend to build a new store there. The building, although not historic enough to be protected, is a long-time retail icon. The building is reportedly owned by two families, one of which sold their share in Nov. 2011. There are no other details about the sale, construction or timing of the project. Within hours, a Stollery’s manager denied the sale and said they’ve not moving “any time soon.” Not to be confused with a store inside the 1 Bloor East high-rise development across the street from this location that was cancelled in 2009.
  • Victoria Park Market – Auckland (New Zealand) – In March 2012 a tipster said Apple had reportedly been scouting this historic, red-brick, former refuse station & incinerator, now mall for a retail space. The building is northwest of city center and across from Victoria Park, and with three blocks of the waterfront. The mall is undergoing a US$16.4 million renovation, adding 40 new spaces. No further information or timeline is known. [lease plan, pdf]
  • Tianjin (China) – In May 2012 local bloggers speculated that a store would come to this city of 12 million residents in the northeast part of the country, possibly in the Xiaobailou central business district. Job listings seem to confirm this city, but there are no other details. Job listings appeared for a store in this city in late June 2014.
  • Roosevelt Collection – Chicago (IL) – In mid June 2012 a city alderman mentioned a future Apple store during a talk with the editors of Crain, reportedly inside an under-construction retail area in the middle of the Rosevelt Collection apartment complex at Wells St. and Roosevelt St. Within a day, McCaffery Interests Inc. CEO Daniel McCaffery confirmed the company is in talks with Apple, but no deal has been signed. The apartments were finished in 2009 during the real estate bust, and the the property has been dragging ever since. The retail buildings (300,000 s.f.) that were finished have never been occupied. In April 2012 McCafferty and an investment group that includes Magic Johnson said they’ll tear down the existing buildings and rebuild something more inviting. In Jan. 2013 Ed Woodbury, president of McCaffery Interests, told a public meeting that his company was courting Apple, and that a lease rep was in Cupertino at that moment talking to Apple [news story]. [rendering #1 / #2]
  • Auchan Galleria – Casamassima (Italy) – This city is located in the “boot” of Italy, near the northern coast. The In Sept. 2012 a local Web site reported that employees of this mall confirmed an Apple store would open in an expansion area of this mall. The timeline of the store is uncertain.
  • Cologne (Germany) – There have been two locations identified for this city of 1 million residents in the western part of the country. Wallrafplatz – In mid Nov. 2012 tenants of the building at Wallrafplatz 2 in city center said they were vacating so an Apple store could be installed here. It would be the second store in the city of 1.5 million residents. An Apple store would require extensive construction, renovation and upgrading to the existing building. Schildergass Street – In early Feb. 2014 a tipster told ifun.de that the former retail store in the triangular-shaped building at Schildergasse 1 had moved out, and that Apple might occupy the building. Photos in Sept. 2014 show an empty building with black plastic over the windows. [area photos] In Feb. 2015 there is no obvious activity at the building [photo].
  • Westfield Hawthorn – (Vernon Hills, IL) – In Jan. 2013 a tipster said that Apple has been scouting this 1.3 million s.f. mall with 167 shops north of metro Chicago. The mall is about about equidistant from the Northbrook and Deer Park Apple stores (8 miles). No details or timeline is known.
  • Victoria Centre – Nottingham (UK) – In jan. 2013 a tipster pointed to the space being vacated by HMV on the lower mall as a possible future store location. The city of The mall is on the site of the former Victoria railway station, demolished in 1967. The mall has 120 stores in 981,000 s.f., and includes a 26-story apartment building above with 464 units. No other details are known about the possible store.
    [mall plan]
  • 1265 Main Street – Waltham (Mass.) – In June 2012 the developer of a new, mixed-use office/retail space 10 miles west of Boston posted a lease plan that indicated that a 9,000 s.f. Apple store was in the “proposed” stage. Since then the lease plan has been revised to deleted future store names and status. The site of the development is the former Polaroid factory, and in March 2013 it was being extensively graded, blasted and demolished to allow for future construction, which could start in later 2013. The development will have about 210,000 s.f. of retail in Phase I, followed by a larger office park in Phase 2. The area is populated by upscale residents and dozens of major company offices and HQs. [lease plan, brochure] [old site plan w/logo] [rendering]
  • Jakarta (Indonesia) – In January 2013 a local Web site quoted a government official saying that the country’s first official Apple store could open in 2013, and that an operating permit had already been issued. No location or other details are known.
  • CollegeTown – Tallahassee (FL) – In early April 2013 a tipster said that Apple was planning a store for a new projec along he southern border of the Florida State University campus. The development is planned as creating a Main Street for the campus, and will eventually include apartments, restaurants, bars and other nightlife businesses. Urban Outfitters has publicly committed to the project, along with several other retailers. If true, the store would fill in a substantial Black-Out Zone along the Gulf coast. [Web site] [executive summary, pdf] [rendering]
  • Utrecht – The Netherlands – In mid-April 2013 a authentic-looking black construction barricade appeared in front of Oudegracht 113 in this city, an historic 3-level building built in the 13th century along Old Canal in city-center, the city’s most famous canal. The buiilding is just to the left of the Jansburg Bridge over the canal, and is now occupied by a bookstore. However, a white Apple logo painted on the barricade was too small, imperfect and painted on the barricade too early. It’s possible the location is rea (central location, historic building, cost of project, Apple’s history of picking historic & expensive), but an unauthorized person painted the logo. No other details are known. If true, it would be Apple’s oldest store building. [photo #1 / #2]
  • Gulf Coast Galleria – D’IIberville (Miss.) – This planned mall is in the town next to Biloxi, home to 500,000 residents, a major Air Force training facility and the destination/enroute for 15 million tourists a year. In mid-June 2013 tipsters said that Apple’s retail scouts had been talking to execs at this mall long before the development’s plans were officially submitted to the city’s planning department on June 20, 2013. The 740,000 s.f. mall is scheduled to open in fall 2015, and would be adjacent to a new Ocean Expo along Interstate 10. The location would fill in a substantial black-out zone that runs from Tampa (Fla.) to Metairie (La.). [leasing brochure, pdf]
  • Eastern Shore Centre – Spanish Fort, AL – A 462,000 square-foot open-air lifestyle center scheduled to open October 20, 2004. It’s was being developed by Malbis Bay, LLC and will include Dillard’s, Belk and Sears. The center is at the intersection of Highway 181, Interstate 10 and Highway 31, directly across from the Timbercreek Golf Club. This site was identified as an store site in late 2003, but a sign of Centre tenants that appeared in early May 2004 did not include Apple. In Sept. 2004 mall management said it does not have a signed lease with Apple. But in Nov. 2004 a tipster reported that Apple expressed early interest in the center, but backed away, perhaps until the second phase, or until revenue figures are firmer for the mall. There was no activity until July 2013, when a tipster said Apple was still interested in the mall, and there were two large spaces available. A store here would fill in a large black-out zone extending from Tampa to New Orleans.
  • Via del Corso (Rome) – In mid-2013 speculation of a city-center Rome store began to focus on this major shopping street. In late Sept. 2013 speculators noticed that the 2-level Diesel store had moved out of #186, about mid-way between the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps, both key tourist destinations. Like most buildings in the area, #186 is historic but renovated for modern retail operations. In late May 2014 the city government approved Apple occupying the space (usually restricted to high-fashion, art galleries, etc.) However, Apple must still receive the routine approvals for space, design, signage, etc. Once approved, restoration and renovation could take six months or more, followed by installation of the Apple store itself. The store, covering nearly 27,000 s.f., could open in spring 2015.
  • Centro Comercial Parque Nevada – Granada (Spain) – In mid-Nov. 2013 a tipster in Spain discovered a floor plan for this mall that included a 10,000 s.f. space (#203) on the upper level with the label “Apple.” The mall is about 2 miles southwest of city-center, and about 110 miles east of the existing La Cañada (Marbella) store. The mall was the subject of lengthy court battles over permit issues—it was claimed the completed mall was illegally built on land zoned for green space. The timeline for the Apple store isn’t known.
  • IST Mall – Nanjing (China) – In Jan. 2014 a tipster reported that Apple would open a retail store inside this upscale mall adjacent to Nanjing University in city center. Many other international retailers are in the mall and the surrounding area. The store reportedly will open by the end of 2014. [May 2014 photos / news story]
  • Tor di Valle – Rome (Italy) – In mid-Fe. 2014 the developer of the future entertainment/retail complex southwest of city center Rome said he had contacted Apple about a future store. The complex is built around the existing and historic horse racetrack, and had already received commitments from Nike and Disney. There is no firm timeline for the project.
  • Plaza Norte 2 – Madrid (Spain) – In late Feb. 2014 a local Web site noticed the words “Apple Store” on the list of retail stores of this mall, but with no other information or a link. The mall has 200 shops in 554,000 s.f. north of Madrid, adjacent to the airport. No confirmation or timeline is known.
  • The District at Green Valley Ranch – Henderson (Nev.) – In Feb. 2014 the Racked.com Web site discovered city permit documents that listed Apple as a “proposed” tenant in a 5,000 s.f. space of this mall, about 9 miles south of The Strip along I-215. The mall has about 70 upscale retailers in 572,000 s.f., adjacent to the associated casino. There are no details about a timeline, which would include the current tenant moving out of the proposed space. [mall plan]
  • Melbourne CBD – Mebourne (Australia) – In early March 2014 a local newspaper said Apple’s real estate scouts were coming to town, looking for space along Collins Street between Swanston and Elizabeth Streets. Apple has reportedly already rejected Bourke Street Mall and Russell Street ­Emporium Melbourne shopping malls. The leasing agent Savills confirmed Apple’s interest in CBD Melbourne. In May 2014 Apple was reportedly scheduled to re-visit the city to tour city-center sites.
  • Pacific Centre – Vancouver (BC, Canada) – On March 18, 2014 the Retail-Insider Web site reported that this existing Apple store generates $75 million a year in revenue, and will move from its 5,700 s.f. space on the third level, to a much larger space in a 48,000 s.f. expansion area called 725 Granville. If true, the space will be underground, beneath a huge future Nordstrom store, and should open in fall 2015.
  • Avalon – (Alpharetta, Geo.) – In early May 2014 a tipster told BISNOW-Atlanta that Apple was in talks with owner’s of this future mixed-use development for a retail space. The mall is suspiciously close to the existing North Point Apple store (1.5 miles), indicating Avalon could be a replacement store. The retail portion of the project has 570,000 s.f. with many committed upscale retailers, managed by North American Properties. Phase I of the property opens in mid-October 2014, but the Apple store could open after that date.
  • MorumbiShopping – São Paulo (Brazil) – In early May 2014 a tipster said that Apple signed a lease for a store in this mall, and that work would begin a few weeks. The mall is located southwest of city center, in one of the city’s most upscale and educated districts. The 3-level mall has 480 shops in 591,000 s.f., with over 50 restaurants, and other service stores. In June 2014 a local blog identified the future space as “the atrium,” a semi-standalone building that is being gutted inside. The store could open in mid-2015. [virtual tour] [mall plan] [building photos] [Feb. 5, 2015 interior] [Updated barricade appeared April 2, 2015.
  • China – Apple has consistently said that it wants to increase the number of retail stores in China, but progress has been slow. Even so, mid-2014 job listings have confirmed these additional locations: Chengdu east (in addition to the existing store) and Tianjin.
  • Southern Park Mall – Youngstown (Ohio) – In July 2014 tipsters pointed to this Simon Properties mall south of downtown. The city is about halfway between existing stores in Pittsburgh (Penn.) and Akron (Ohio). The mall has 120 shops in 1.2 million square-feet, and there is a very large space from the former Woolworth/Jillian’s business that vacated two years ago. The tipsters say the store could open in late 2014 or early 2015, however job listings are absent.
  • Mall of Switzerland – (Ebikon, Switzerland) – Early 2014 renderings of a future shopping mall depicted an Apple store—with the logo and letters “p” reversed, possibly to disguise it. As always, such architectural renderings could be only speculative. However, in this case, inquiries to mall management about future tenants received the response, “We cannot comment” instead of a denial. Also, later renderings show a blurred image in place of the logo. The mall will cover 785,000 s.f. and is scheduled to open in Spring 2016.
  • The Collection at Riverpark – Oxnard (S. Calif.) – In Aug. 2014 a tipster pointed to the mall’s tenant map, with a space labeled “Apple,” and noted the developer was “in discussion” with Apple. It’s possible the store would be new to the region, or a replacement for the existing store at the struggling Simi Valley Town Center. The 650,000 s.f. mall is along Highway 101, the main LA-SF coastal route. The mall is newish, and is still recruiting tenants. [mall plan] [mall brochure, pdf]
  • Broadway Trade Center – Los Angeles (S. Calif.) – In early Nov. 2014 a tipster reported that Apple had signed a lease for “several hundred” square-feet of space inside this 1908, Beaux Arts building that formerly housed the May Department Store in downtown. The building is designated an Historic Cultural Monument by the city. The tipster described the lease as a “campus” to include offices, residential space, and retail areas for both Apple and the Beats brands. More recently, various small retailers and light-manufacturing companies occupied the 1.1 million s.f., five-story building. An investment firm purchased the building in 2013, and has plans to renovate the building, in line with increased development in the Broadway St. downtown area. There is no timeline for the building project, or the Apple store. [1951 photo]
  • Burlington Town Center – Burlington (VT) – In a news article posted in Nov. 2014, mall management said Apple had unofficially contacted them about a possible future store. However, management could not give Apple a timeline for the planned major improvements at the mall, making a store uncertain. It is located in the center of the city of 42,000 residents and 23,000 students. The city claims to host 3.2 million tourists a year.
  • South Sydney (Australia) – In Jan. 2015 9to5mac.com said Apple was hiring for a “south Sydney” store, but did not mention exactly where it will be. Shortly after, a tipster pointed to the Westfield Miranda shopping mall about 17 miles south of Sydney. The mall was recently renovated and spans 1.1 million s.f. with 397 shops. The store will reportedly open in mid-2015. new
  • Tianjin (China) – In Feb. 2015 a tipster said a second store will open in this city, possibly in the Hang Lung Joy area.  new
  • Queens Center (New York City) – In early Feb. 2015 9to5mac said tipsters have pointed to this Macerich shopping mall in a borough of New York City. The 968,000 s.f. mall is about 20 minutes away from the Grand Central store in Manhattan. A check of the mall’s lease plan and recent building permits reveals no Apple-related construction. However, space #2054 is vacant on the mall’s store directory, but shows “Express” on the lease plan. The space spans 9,400 s.f. and is a possible Apple store site. Nevertheless, the store is scheduled for completion this year. new

Cancelled or ??

  • Les Terrasses du PortCancelled – Marseille (France) – In Oct. 2009 a tipster told the MacGeneration Web site that Apple was planning for a store in this port-side development that eventually opened in May 2014. The mall has 657,000 s.f. of space over four levels, with about 190 shops. In Jan. 2009 MacBidouille reported a real estate developer confirmed Apple has leased an 8,600 s.f. space, with the mall opening in 2013. But that date came and went. In April 2014 La Provence posted that Apple had leased a 10,700 s.f. space and would open its store “by year’s end.” On June 29, 2014 job listings appeared for the city, but without a specific location. On Dec. 2, 2014 a tipster reported that Apple had decided not to build a store within the mall because of low shopper traffic. [rendering #1 / #2]
  • Lakeside Joondalup – Cancelled – Joondalup (W. Australia) – In Sept. 2012 members of Apple’s retal estate team were scouting this mall about 30 minutes north of city-center Perth. The mall is along Highway 85 and adjacent to a metro rail line. It has about 240 retailers in 765,000 s.f. In mid-July 2014 Apple began recruiting for a new store at the mall. The store is under construction in space T270 on the upper level just outside the Meyer store (hidden behind a coffee cafe and black plywood). The hiring schedule originally indicated an early 2015 grand opening. However, in Dec. 2014 tipsters began saying Apple cancelled their plans at a late stage, and for an unknown reason. [mall plan] [Nov. 2014 photo]
  • Bern (Switzerland) – In early 2013 MacPrime reported Apple was negotiating with a tenant at the Imperial House on Market Street to take over their lease and install a store. However, in Aug. 2013 the Web site reported that the tenant was requesting very favorable terms, which Apple rejected. The future store is cancelled or at least stalled. There are reportedly other possible locations in the city, including next to the main train station.
  • CityCenter- Las Vegas (NV) – Cancelled – In early June 2008 a tipster says Apple would locate in the most-visible “Crystals” space at the new CityCenter complex on 76 acres just south of the Bellagio hotel on The Strip. The site is one of the largest and most expensive developments on The Strip, and has been plagued with funding and worker safety issues. Apple’s space will feature an angular set of huge glass panels facing Las Vegas Blvd., all designed by architect Daniel Libeskind. Most locations with the complex of four hotels, condos, spa, casino, restaurants and 500,000 s.f. of retail will open Dec. 16, 2009, but without Apple as a retail tenant. [news story] [latest construction]
  • 1 Bloor East – Toronto (Ont.) – Cancelled? – In March, 2008 a tipster reported that developer Bazis International will build a luxury, 80-story residential development at the corner of Bloor and Yonge Streets, including three floors of retail space totaling 100,000 s.f.. It would be the tallest structure in the city after the CN Tower. The developer has apparently bragged that Apple would be an anchor tenant in the building, apparently in a corner space. The location is described by some as, “at the corner of two of Toronto’s highest profile streets, at the east end of Toronto’s toniest shopping area, and steps from Toronto’s busiest subway station.” The development was scheduled for completion in 2011, but in March 2009 financial backing collapsed, putting the entire project in jeopardy. In June ’09 a large space between 130 and 150 Bloor West seems to be under construction. However, this project seems cancelled. [city approval, pdf] [rendering #1 / #2] [130-150 Bloor West photo]
  • 84th & Broadway – New York City – not active – street-level store in an unknown space; this third open/planned store in Manhattan is on the Upper West Side, west of Central Park, north of Lincoln Center, and not far from Columbia University and City College of New York. It’s an upscale part of town that’s become known for its trendy restaurants, clubs and bars. This site was identified in early 2004, but there was no further activity until Dec. 2006, when rumors about this store again surfaced. In Dec. 2007 the New York Post newspaper said Apple would occupy the former Victoria’s Secret store at 1981-Broadway at 67th Street, which may satisfy the need for a store on the city’s Upper West Side.
  • Grand Place – St. Paul (MN) – Cancelled? – A three-level, quarter-block development at 870 Grand Pl. at Victoria St. South, managed by Exeter Realty with 26,000 s.f. of retail fronting on two streets. The top two levels of the brick structure are a parking garage. Other teants include J Crew and Pottery Barn. Probably #874, former EQ-Life store. Job listings were posted on August 5th, but in March 2009 an “inactive” tag appeared on the listing. By July ’09 city permit records seem to indicate a grocery store is going into the space, not Apple. [project brochure, pdf]
  • Zeil Forum – Frankfurt, Germany – Cancelled? – In early Dec. 2005 real estate sources said Apple had signed a lease for space inside the Zeil Forum, a 7-story shopping center that is part of a huge office, entertainment, residential complex located downtown. However, in March 2009 a nearby location was confirmed on Große Bachenheimer Straße, no doubt replacing this location. [see related news]
  • West 34th – New York City – Cancelled – A December 2005 New York Post story said Apple leased the entire building at 21 W. 34th St. for retail space.The 1930s, five-story loft structure now has offices and two ground-floor retail spaces, is opposite the Empire State Building, one block from Macy’s, and two long blocks to Madison Square Garden. The #21 address has 4,000 s.f. of retail, although the entire building totals 20,000 s.f. Adjacent neighbors include Banana Republic, Aldo, Sleepy’s mattress store, Zara and Foot Locker. On. Oct. 24, 2006 developer SL Green Realty Corp. announced they had signed Apple to a lease for the space. The company will develop #21, along with adjacent #25-27 and #29 into new retail spaces. In late Jan. 2007 Forbes Magazine reported that the store plans were cancelled because the location wasn’t hip enough, leaving Apple with a $5.5 million lease commitment. But, in Oct. 2007 renderings surfaced showing a 30-store building at the site, with an Apple store occupying the bottom three floors. Mortgage documents seem to back-up the illustrations. [rendering #1 / #2]
  • N.W. 23rd Avenue – Portland, OR – Cancelled? – In July, 2005 Apple’s architectural representative (Holst Architecture, Portland) proposed demolishing the current 3-story building at 437 N.W. 23rd Ave. at Glisan, and building a two-story, street-level store. Documents (pdf) filed with the city note the lot is 50″x100″ and includes a building constructed in 1982. The potential store would be “double height, one-floor corner retail building shell approximately 4,750 square feet,” with, “a clear glass storefront glazing system is proposed along the full frontage of the NW 23rd Avenue, and a 1/3 frontage along NW Glisan Street.” Public meetings to obtain design advice were postponed at least three times during Sept.-Nov. 2005, but finally held Nov. 28th. The Design Commission was critical of the design and height. Hearings for June 12 and July 10, 2006 were postponed. As of Jan. 2007 no new hearings were scheduled. In Sept. 2007 the building owner submitted another design for approval, but not with Apple as a tenant. In mid-August, 2008 the building was demolished and an amended permit was issued, with slight design changes. By Jan. 2009 construction on something was underway. [Design Commission advice, pdf] [July update] [project dead?] [alive in Sept. 2007 story, with city reaction] [July, 2008 amended permit, pdf]
  • Flatiron District – New York City – Cancelled – The district is named for an historic and architecturally-significant, triangular-shaped, 22-story building at Fifth Ave. and Broadway. Apple selected the space at 136 Fifth Ave., the former Andrew’s Coffee Shop that now occupies 3,550 s.f. in one story. It’s the fourth store open or identified in Manhattan, about mid-way between the existing SoHo store and future GM Plaza store. Appeared as a job location on Feb. 24, 2005, and positions posted March 2, 2005. Read the details of Apple’s design proposals for the space. On Sept. 23, 2005 a sign was spotted on the building, “Retail Space Available,” indicating that Apple’s plan were rejected by the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission, and that Apple canceled plans for this store. [real estate listing] [Flatiron building details] [area store map] [block-by-block history] [Dec. 05 update] [NY Times]
  • 108 N. State Street – Chicago – cancelled – This is the city’s original downtown shopping district that includes old-time giants Marshall Fields, Sears and Carson Pirie Scott. It has experienced a recent retail upswing that includes more hip retailers, along with restaurants, theaters and old-time jewelers. Less than one mile from the existing NMA Apple store. Tipster originally Apple will locate along the street by 2006, possibly inside the 108 State Street development that developer Mills Development Corp. broke ground on Nov. 17, 2005. In Oct. 2007 local media reported Apple was negotiating a lease on 6,000 s.f. on single level near the corner of State St. and Washington St., possible some combination of spaces #126/128/130/136 on the State St. side of the project. In May, 2008 local media reported Apple was still negotiating. Job listings posted Sept. 26, 2008. In March 2009 a lawsuit revealed that Apple pulled out of this project in Dec. 2008. Project opened in Nov. 2009 as “Block 37,” but about two-thirds vacant. [full info] [history & photos] [Webcam] [ground floor plan]
  • Qianmen Street- Beijing (China) – During a May 2004 meeting with analysts from stock broker Merrill Lynch, Ron Johnson said the company was considering a retail store in China. During an Oct. 22, 2007 financial conference call, CFO Peter Oppenheimer confirmed a Beijing store by summer 2008. Job listings appeared Nov. 1, 2007. In early Feb. 2008 the location was identified as Qianmen Street, which was being renovated and was to re-open re-open June 8th. However, in April 2008 the Chinese government said the street would not be finished in time to allow Apple to renovate and build out its store space. So Apple switched its first to the Sanlitun District (store there opened July 19, 2008). This store location is probably not active as of mid-2012. [details] [rendering #1 / #2]
  • Wall Street – New York City (NY) – Just steps away from the NY Stock Exchange, 23 Wall Street is the former HQ of financier JP Morgan and dates from 1914. The street in front was the scene of an anarchist bombing in 1920 that killed 33, and pockmarks still show on the building’s exterior. The building and a connected property were converted to condos and retail in 2003. The wedge-shaped, highly-visible corner building is 80-feet tall, making it Apple’s most impressive. In Sept. 2008, the city issued permits to demolish and remove the interior furnishings, but in the same month The Real Deal reported Apple dropped plans for a store here. In early July 2011 it was reported that Cushman & Wakefield was attempting to find retail tenants for the location. [site photo] [news article] [history] [building photo] [old lease brochure, pdf] [July 2011 announcement / Web site] / brochure-pdf]
  • CityCenterDC – Washingon (DC) – In early August 2008 tipsters said that Apple’s real estate team was seriously scouting locations, including the area around 7th Street and H Street, and the new nearby just-announced, 10-acre City Center DC development (former Convention Center, H-New York St, 9th-11th St.). CityCenter will have 295,000 s.f. and 60 high-profile shops, along with apartments, office space, restaurants and public space. The district is north of the Capitol mall, equidistant between the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial, adjacent to Chinatown. In Oct. 2011 The Washington Post newspaper columnist said Apple was considering a high-profile store for this future development northwest of the White House. In Oct. 2013 sources confirmed the store at CityCenter DC. One of the project’s architect’s is Foster+Partners, the firm that designed the future San Francisco 2 store and Apple’s Cupertino headquarters. In Dec. 2013 a tipster said Apple couldn’t reach a lease deal with the developer, and the project has been killed. In Jan. 2014 the developer said Apple pulled out of negotiations, and won’t occupy the mall. [City Center DC master plan, pdf] [retail brochure, pdf] [merchandising plan, pdf] [rendering #1 / #2] [Jan. 2013 speculation] [CityCenter retail Web site]

Beyond Even What I Know…

Over the years there have been lots of speculation on where Apple will put its next retail store–some more accurate than others. Below I provide degree of speculation, hopes and dreams! For a more scientific approach, see my ranked list of possible future U.S. stores, international stores, and airport mini-stores.

  • Asia – At least two more store in Shanghai by 2012, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan (sales increased during fiscal 2010) and Malaysia. Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan in particular are on Apple’s retail radar, while political and financial conditions make South Korea a less likely target.
  • Charlottesville (VA) – In March, 2008 the Cvillan Web site reported that Apple real estate execs had been scouting the town of 45,000. Then in May, 2008 they posted another equally-speculative item about a possible Apple store. Who knows…?
  • Puerto Rico – In late 2007 the local Macintosh Users Group began a campaign to bring a store to the U.S. commonwealth. The island is a major tourist destination, but has a high poverty rate, low median income, and a large disparity between income classes. But its culture mirrors those of the 50 states, especially regarding technology and electronics, creating a demand for products. A large Best Buy opened Feb. 29, 2008 in city center, and several international retailers have located flagship stores on the island. The Users Group is circulating a petition and has held a mall gathering to promote their effort. In May 2012 Taubman Centers Inc. announced its future Mall of San Juan, which sparked speculation that Apple would occupy the mall opening in late 2014. In Sept. 2012 construction work began on the mall. [World Bank income info] [world income map- pdf]
  • Germany – In July 2010 several local Web sites said Apple had plans for several additional cities in Germany, including Dortmund in the Thier area, and Leipzig.
  • Foxboro (Mass.) – The home of the New England Patriot football team, it’s also the location of Patriot Place, a 450-acre development built by the Kraft family with retail, entertainment and residential to make the site a 12-month attraction. The location would substantially fill in coverage that now surrounds the Boston region.
  • Lisbon (Portugal) – In May 2010 a tipster said there are rumblings of a store opening during 2010, possibly in the Chiado section of downtown. No further details are known.
  • Columbia (SC) – In Sept. 2009 the local newspaper said developers of a new shopping complex were in talks with Apple and other retailers about occupying a 4,600 s.f. space at Blossom Street and Santee Avenue, one of three buildings to be built as part of Shoppes at Five Points, a stone’s throw from the Univ. of South Carolina. In March 2010 the newspaper said Apple was still considering the location but had not signed a lease. In Nov. 2013 the full range of job listings appeared for the city, but with no specific location. [district info]
  • Ottawa – This capital city seems very underserved by Apple stores, and there are many possibilities, including the Kanata neighborhood (west suburb) Orleans area (east). Both are affluent neighborhoods that include many government and high-tech workers respectively.
  • Apple’s plans for the UK include at least 35 to 40 stores, basically on on every major city’s “High Street” in the country. This would include the store-less cities of Manchester, Bristol, Derby, Portsmouth, Norwich, York and Oxford.
  • Napoli – Italy – In Feb. 2011 the Macitynet.it Web site reported a future store in this city, but without any time or location details.
  • There has been lots of talk about additional stores in metro U.S. areas that already have a retail store, including in or near the following: St. Louis, Coral Gables (Fla.), Chicago (Highland Park), Los Angeles (Long Beach, Riverside), Reston (Virg.), Baltimore, Cleveland (Eton Collection), Denver (Park Meadows), Tampa (Old Hyde Park Village), Geneva IL (Geneva Commons), New Jersey (Princeton, Marketfair), Long Island NY (Greenvale), Dallas/Ft. Worth (The Galleria, The Woodlands), and Richmond VA (Stoney Point Fashion Park). Check my analysis of possible locations using a point system.
  • AppleInsider’s posted 27 potential sites for future Apple stores in Japan [story].
  • In other countries not mentioned above, the possibilities are (in no particular order): Brussels (chaussée d’Ixelles area, or City 2 mall), Stockholm (Sweden) at perhaps Biblioteksgatan, Vienna (Austria), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Athens (Greece). [See the more extensive discussion.]
  • Check this chart of computers per capita worldwide to see how countries stack up against the United States.