Causeway Bay Store Photo Retouched

When new stores open, a photographer takes a so-called “hero” shot of the storefront for the store’s Web page and other purposes. For mall stores, the photos are fairly straight-forward, and require relatively little Photoshop work. However, street-level stores present some challenges in the original photography and later Photoshop work in order to present the perfect image.

The Causeway Bay (Hong Kong) store opened in December 2012 at the rear of a new high-rise retail center, and along a mostly pedestrian street. The “hero” photo of the store posted online does not depict the true nature of that street, including the crowds of people that pass by every day and the stores across the street that are typically Hong Kong. Compare the official photo with a stitched photo of the store (no attempt at perspective control!) taken from the exact same location as the hero photo, and notice the differences in content:

  • The perspective and color balance of the store have been extensively tweaked to eliminate odd colors and imbalances across the various areas and to make the building straight.
  • Street light poles were deleted.
  • A huge overhanging advertising sign (upper right) was deleted.
  • Another overhanging sign (pink) was removed in the distance.
  • Several reflections in the window of the Apple store of brightly-lighted signs across street have been deleted.
  • A sign for the Forever 21 store at the end of the street (below “Sasa” sign) was deleted from the storefront.
  • A distant building was removed from the photo, in the area just to the right of the cone-shaped structure beyond the Apple store.
  • Most notably, the photo doesn’t accurately depict the narrow nature of the street and close proximity of the store to buildings to the right.

Many other previous store hero photos have also been Photoshopped, including the San Francisco (N. Calif.), Third Street Promenade (S. Calif.) and Amsterdam (Netherlands) stores.

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