Amsterdam Store Photo Retouched

The Amsterdam (The Netherlands) Apple retail store opened in March 2012 on a prominent street corner. Like other stores, it was photographed extensively, and an official “portrait” was taken. Also like other high-profile stores, that portrait is retouched to provide the best view.

In this case, there were several areas that were retouched to remove distracting elements, as shown below in two photos.

First, both metal Apple logo signs were slightly enlarged to make them clearer. The signs were then moved closer to the front door, and up one stone so that the cut-outs have a complete background behind them. In reality, the two door openings are behind the cut-out, making the Apple outline obscure.

Second, two tram power-line attachment points on the side of the building were removed (top two circles). The cables were also retouched out.

Thirdly, a street light pole was removed on the left.

Lastly, bollards mounted in the raised sidewalk in front of the store were removed.

It’s most likely that the human elements in the photo were not present, but added later by the retouchers.

Many other previous store hero photos have also been Photoshopped, including the San Francisco (N. Calif.), Third Street Promenade (S. Calif.) and Palo Alto 2 (N. Calif.) stores.

This is the Amsterdam Apple store’s official photo, with the areas of retouching highlighted in yellow.


This is how the Amsterdam store actually looks, taken with a slightly wider lens, which alters the perspective slightly from the original.

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