A Peek Behind the Stanford 2 Construction Curtain

The Stanford 2 (N. Calif.) Apple retail store was first revealed in March 2012, and has been under construction for several months behind a 11-foot tall fence covered with black plastic. The store design features an all-glass box in front and a stone-faced box at the back. The glass portion of the store will be covered with a thin, light-color material that gives it a “floating” appearance.

Most of the structural steel has been erected, and the storefront’s glass panels have been installed. The roof has not yet been put into place. These photos were taken during the week of June 3, 2013.

The photo below shows the north side of the glass box—you’re looking through the side glass wall and across the width of the store. The greenish material to the right is a synthetic vapor barrier (pdf) applied to the exterior wall for weather protection. According to the rendering, it will eventually be covered with stone. The structural steel at the top of the photo will support the thin floating roof structure. Scaffolding is visible on the inside, supporting the upper structural steel until the load is transferred to the glass sidewalls.

The photo below shows the northeast corner of the future store. You’re looking across the all-glass front of the store. The structural steel for the thin floating roof is visible above the right and left faces of the store.

In the photo below, the 90-foot wide all-glass storefront is completely visible, along with the structural steel that outlines the extent of the floating roof. To the right is the square outline of the rear portion of the store, which will be covered in stone.

The photo below shows nearly the entire width of the all-glass storefront.

The photo below was taken just after workers parked a construction crane that had been used to hoist structural steel into the rear of the store building.

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