Job Listings Reveal Future Middle East Store

August 15, 2014

In a major move to bring retail stores to another significant region of the globe, Apple has posted retail job listings for the United Arab Emirates. There is no indication of exactly where the store will open in the country, but hiring schedules predict the store is already under construction and could open by February 2015. The UAE is a country of nine million residents along the Persian Gulf, and its economy and technical sophistication rank very high on a global scale. Up to 85 percent of the country’s residents are expatriates from other countries, and it hosts millions of tourists each year, making it a perfect Apple store target. There are many potential locations for the future store in the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, both with upscale, multi-level shopping malls. The job listings appeared yesterday, and include the full range of store positions from Store and Market Leader, Manager, Expert, Creative and Specialist. The listings also include the Apple Store Leader Program, a 24-month development program for those who have just graduated from higher education. The positions join those previously-posted for the region, including Facilities Manager, Business Affairs Manager and Senior Managing Producer. View the complete list of UAE job positionsUpdate: Four days after this story a middle-east blog said the store would be located at the Mall of the Emirates, and that it will be the chain’s largest.

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