Store Proves Apple Waits For The Perfect Spot

June 12, 2014

It took 10 years, but residents of Virginia Beach (Virg.) can now look forward to visiting their own Apple retail store, possibly by year’s end. Confirmation has been received that the company will open a 6,249 square-foot store in the Lynnhaven Mall, just to the right of the Sephora store. Tipsters first pointed to the mall in 2004 as a possible Apple store location, but there was no reported activity until last month. The store will take pressure off the existing MacArthur (Norfolk) location 20 minutes away, which sometimes forced Apple users to drive an hour and 45 minutes to Short Pump Town Center in Richmond. The store will occupy space F15, according to the mall’s leasing plan that was updated 10 days ago. The space features a rather narrow 30-foot storefront, but is an unusual 108-foot deep. In fact, the mall plan shows the store intruding about 20 feet into space normally occupied by the mall offices. Based on employee recruiting schedules, the store could open by year’s end, or early 2015.

Note: Thanks to readers who pointed out that the square-footage shown on General Growth’s lease plan below doesn’t correspond to the dimensions shown on the plan. In fact, the Apple-labeled space is about 128 feet by 30 feet, which would be about 3,840 square-feet, not 6,249. Even taking into account the adjacent 2,209 square-foot space (F14), it doesn’t add up to 6,249. It’s likely that the Apple space will be 60-feet wide, and occupy some portion of the labeled and “Vacant” spaces.

The mall plan shows Apple occupying space F15, although the adjacent space F14 with 2,029 s.f. now shows “Vacant.”

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