Oregon Store Added To Expansion List

May 13, 2014

Goodbye Victoria’s Secret, goodbye Made in Oregon, and hello expanded Apple store. According to insiders, the Washington Square (Ore.) store that opened in November 2003 will move from its narrow 30-foot storefront, across the hallway and into a combined space that will double its square-footage. The 70-foot wide space will be created from the former Brookstone and Made in Oregon stores, and totals 9,946 square-feet. The expansion is part of an on-going project to remodel and expand about 20 Apple stores each year, all from the early years of the chain. The mall is about 20 minutes southwest of city center Portland, where the future Pioneer Place 2 store that will open very soon. The construction timeline for the expansion space isn’t known, so there’s no projected date for when the existing store will move.

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