Downtown LA Apple Store—Probably Not

February 25, 2014

A distinctive glass cube has appeared in a rendering for the future The Bloc mixed-used complex in Los Angeles, billed as the new center of the downtown area. The development will revise the layout and architecture of the existing hotel and office towers, and Macy’s department store along 7th Street between Flower and Hope Streets. The cube in the rendering—which is oddly proportioned—is remarkable for its similarity to the iconic Fifth Avenue (NYC) Apple retail store, and seems to lead to an underground space. Inside, there is a suspended, glowing white circle—not an Apple logo. But lest hopes be raised, The Bloc’s official Web page shows an entirely different architecture: a sunken plaza, walkways and pools. Instead of a glass cube, there’s a tall, very red tower emblazoned with “Macy’s” in white letters. The cube rendering was prepared by EPT Design, whose Web page says it’s working with One Eleven Design to “re-imagine four level of this intriguing urban space.” The rendering is likely speculative, and so doesn’t represent the final design for the plaza, or predict that an Apple retail store will open at the site.

The rendering provides several clues that it’s not authentic: Apple doesn’t release renderings before they’ve been submitted to city planning departments; the cube rendering is proportioned incorrectly for a cube; and Apple has yet to duplicate an original high-profile store design.

This version of the rendering for The Bloc shows a Macy’s monolith at the entrance to the new plaza. Click the image for a larger view.

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John Doe February 25, 2014 at 1958

This mall needs this badly. It is dingy and depressing. Only loss will be the crusey bathrooms in Macy’s, but that would be a positive.


Mark February 25, 2014 at 2004

Thanks for checking it out.

I can still hope you’re wrong ;-)


Actual employee February 27, 2014 at 0655

Apple generally puts stores in high class type neighborhoods, not dank ones trying to class up. So it is unlikely they have an interest in this area for a major store. Especially since downtown LA is more office than living. Folks aren’t going to go there as a destination like they do Santa Monica’s shopping promenade.

Now a standard mall style catering to lots of tech support, sure that could happen. Might be a good thing.

But any ‘flagship’ type store would be more likely to happen in an area like Hollywood and Highland where at least there are tourists. But that is shot down by no place to put it at the moment and The Grove. Something at CityWalk or Downtown Disney might be the next likely


jdrcrasher March 12, 2014 at 1726

It sounds like you haven’t been around Downtown LA a whole lot since the 90’s. The changes it has experienced since then have been nothing short of EXTRAORDINARY. Parking lots are disappearing fast, and there’s a proposal for new buildings coming out seemingly on a weekly basis these days. In addition, countless old pre-war structures are being renovated into residential space as the vacancy rate has plummeted. Even Broadway is changing rapidly, as an Ace Hotel just opened up there, and Acne, Urban Outfitters,Tanner Goods, Aesop, A.P.C., Oak NYC, Tarina Tarantino, have all either opened already or are in the process of setting up shop on this once mighty street.


Nic March 4, 2014 at 0809

Holy crap, that Baby. I’d be terrified to walk into any store with a giant baby hovering over head. You know that things gonna smash some shit up!


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