Nighttime Window Washers Create Eerie Image

February 17, 2014

Three window washers dangle from rope lines above the sidewalk at the George Street (Sydney) Apple retail store on Monday night. Several passersby snapped photos of the operation and posted them on various social media sites, including Enzo Paoli who shared this photo on Instagram. The 30-foot tall glass panels were the tallest in the chain when the store opened in June 2008. The glass windows are a key element of the store’s design, and have helped the store become an icon in city center—hence, the need to keep the glass spotless.

The day after the window washing, Instagram user rizoneximd1 posted two dizzying photos taken from the top of the George Street building, apparently while the workers were preparing rope lines to begin the window washing.

In the photo below, the worker’s toes perch at the edge of the building, with the Apple store glass curtain wall visible directly below his toes. At the very top of the photo you can see a red-colored rope line leading over the top of the building, protected by padding.

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