Dayton Back On The Radar For an Apple Store

February 7, 2014

Apple enthusiasts living in Dayton (Ohio) have felt lonely for the past 13 years without a retail store, and downright sad as rumors of a possible store have come and gone. Now, there may be sunshine on the horizon after a black construction barricade has appeared at The Greene shopping mall, and a tipser reveals that several retailers have been relocated to create a prime space, both Apple trademarks. The first Dayton store rumors surfaced in 2004 and centered on the Dayton Mall, then undergoing an expansion. Two years later The Greene opened, and once again rumors arose about an Apple presence. In the meantime, Apple product users have had to travel to the Kenwood Towne Centre (Cincinnati, 45 minutes) or Easton Town Center (Columbus, 1:17) stores for products or service. The Greene is just 10 miles southeast of downtown Dayton along I-675 the the suburb of Beavercreek. If construction is underway now behind the barricade, the Apple store could open this fall. Update: Within a week Apple posted a job listing for Dayton, but without a specific location, and a black barricade was noted in front of space C15. The store could open in fall 2014

Tipsters have pointed to a black construction barricade in front of space C15, the former Lane Bryant store, indicating a future Apple retail store.

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