Apple Tracing Source Of Store Odors

February 6, 2014

Visitors to the Third Street Promenade (S. Calif.) store have spotted air sampling equipment on the product display tables, an indication the company is attempting to trace the source of bad odors that have been plaguing the store. The persistent and foul odor appeared several weeks ago, and was publicized last week in a post on the financial-oriented The Street Web site. Because of the large number of daily visitors to each store—3,000 on average—it is not uncommon for stores to have some type of odor. However, now the company has hired a company to test the air using Sensidyne Gil-Air air sample pumps at TSP. The gear is commonly used to collect airborne asbestos, lead and other contaminants for lab analysis. Here the equipment is being used to collect all the airborne particles to help solve the odor mystery. Like other Apple stores that use an under-floor ventilation system, the TSP store has ductwork and a trench underneath the stone floor. The space also contains a sump pump to prevent the accumulation of water in the space.

This diagram from the Highland Village (Tex.) retail store blueprints shows how there are under-floor areas (red) related to the air handling system. The area is accessible using a ladder and includes a sump pump system.

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