Woman Sings of Store’s Amazing Christmas Gift

December 27, 2013

Michelle Hillaert is a very happy customer of Apple’s retail stores, and has posted a video on YouTube to prove her eternal devotion. In the three-minute video Hillaert sings out her story of buying a Macbook on Craigslist, but then encountering a disk drive problem. She took the laptop to the Fair Oaks (Virg.), where the Genius Bar staff sent it to a repair depot. The laptop returned and was working for awhile, Hillaert sings, including the refrain, “Oh, Apple took care of me.” But then the MacBook developed serious screen problems. When she returned to the store for a repair, a manager recognized her from previous visits, and decided to deliver the ultimate Christmas present—a new laptop. At the end of the video, Hillaert—wearing an Apple logo T-shirt—gives an enthusiastic shout-out to Eddy, Tony, Sammy, Omar and “all the guys” at the store that helped her out.

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Michelle Hillaert January 2, 2014 at 0220

Thanks for posting this! I have been completely won over by Apple. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to reinstall and upgrade and fix my PC’s over the years. When my MacBook started having problems, I was so frustrated because I bought it on Craigslist. I figured I was out $700, which was an awesome deal to begin with for a 15″ MacBook Pro, 500g hard drive and 8g of RAM.

On a whim, expecting to be turned away, I took the computer to the Apple store when it started having problems. Not only did they helps but those guys went above and beyond to try to help me save a 97 Gb iPhoto file that had all of my memories of my 5 kiddos from the past year.

The file was saved, and they said that since the computer wasn’t under warranty, I could pay $310 to send it in, and they would fix anything that was wrong with it as long as there wasn’t water damage.

So, considering that I didn’t know the history of the computer, I crossed my fingers and sent it in.

The first time, they replaced the hard drive, Ethernet port and the RAM.

A few weeks later, the graphics card started having an issue. I sent the computer in again and they didn’t charge me to fix it. They replaced the motherboard, display and clamshell.

When I ran into problems a third time and brought it in, I actually accused the Geniuses of causing my computer to have a love affair with them, because she kept finding reasons to come back. LOL

At that point, the manager came over and told me that she saw how many times I had come in and that they wanted to give me a new computer. I was ABSOLUTELY blown away! Really??? Would Dell or HP or any other PC company provide that kind of support?? I don’t think so!!!

So they gave me a new upgraded Mac. I am SOOO very grateful. I’m not a taker, so I just had to share this story so others can see how awesome they are :)

Apple gave to me, so I gave back by singing my silly song :)))

And no… The new computer has NOT been allowed to meet Tony, Eddie, Omar or Sammy at the Fair Oaks Mall Apple Store. I don’t know if I can afford to deal with the aftermath of another Genius affair. LOL


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