Apple Store App for iPad Is Map-riffic

December 6, 2013

An update of the Apple Store app for the iPad takes complete advantage of the increased screen space over the iPhone version, providing an attractive design with more useful information, most notably advanced mapping features that take full advantage of the larger screen. The app was released last month and does not replace the version for the iPhone and iPod touch, which is still available. The usual retail store features remain, including finding a store worldwide, making a Genius Bar appointment or workshop/event reservation, and tracking reservations. When searching for a store, you can select by city name or ZIP Code, or use the map to zoom in-and-out on any location. Pushpins show the location of every store on earth, a feature not implemented on the iPhone version. As you pan-zoom the map, a list of stores in a column to the left dynamically changes—also missing from the iPhone version because of its smaller screen size. You can mark specific stores as favorites and view them in a separate list for even easier reference. Together with the existing product purchase features, the app is now the command center for Apple enthusiasts who need on-the-go capabilities to buy, find or reserve products and services from the on-line and retail stores. It’s available on the iTunes app store.

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Ian Parkinson December 7, 2013 at 0320

Worth pointing out that the app is only available in the USA.


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