First Hong Kong Store Will Expand—Upward

September 25, 2013

Just two years after it opened over a six-lane roadway in Hong Kong, Apple’s ifc Mall store will expand upward to a third level, possibly within the next year. The store is among the chain’s busiest and most visible, catering to both local residents and 20 million tourists from countries around the world, some with no official Apple retail stores. According to a story in The Wall Street Journal, the existing store cost $50 million to build, but is only about 6,000 square-feet. Now, to better accommodate the crush of daily visitors, the store will expand upward to incorporate the space occupied by the Agnes b. clothing store and Le Pain Grillé café on the third level of the mall. The Apple store’s first and second levels have doorways into the mall, and are connected by a spiral glass staircase. It’s not clear if that staircase will be extended to the new third level. Given the short time period since the store was opened, it’s possible that Apple planned this expansion when the existing store opened, but had to wait for the third-level tenant leases to expire. The Journal article did not say how soon construction would begin on the project.

View some other photos of the store taken during the September 2011 grand opening.

This view shows the existing two levels of the Apple store spanning a busy six-lane road. The future third level of the store would be above the white Apple logo.

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