Apple Finalizing Lease For Store at 9/11 Site

by Gary Allen on September 13, 2013

While construction work continues on One World Trade Center (NYC) at the site of the 2001 terrorist attacks, leases are being finalized for an expansive shopping mall inside the complex, filled with several upscale international retailers, including Apple. According to several press accounts, Westfield Group has signed one lease and is completing negotiations with other retailers to eventually occupy 460,000 square-feet of space at the site of one of America’s darkest days. A one square-block memorial park has already opened at the site, and work is well underway on one of four high-rise office towers that will surround the park. The shopping mall will occupy space below three of the towers, and on the lower floors of two towers. Perhaps not coincidentally, the three towers were designed by architects Foster + Partners, who are working on Apple’s new California headquarters and the future San Francisco 2 retail store. The retail mall management company is Westfield Group, which manages many malls where Apple stores are located. Construction on the three office towers and a major transit station is in the early stages. The mall is scheduled to open in 2015, when the Apple store would open. It would be the seventh store in New York City.

Westfield has reportedly signed a lease with Victoria’s Secret, and is negotiating with Apple, J. Lindberg, Tory Burch, Theory, Michael Kors, Swatch and Abercrombie & Fitch and other international retailers.

View more renderings at the official Web site.

Westfield / New World Trade Center- First look fly through from Noah Clark – Station 22 on Vimeo.

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ziggy September 13, 2013 at 0405

There are some who will see this article and likely balk at the notion of commercializing an area so revered for death. These people do not get it; it is in our way of life, our values as a nation, that we must build upon the dust that has settled. Only then will our adversaries (and the world) understand that we do not allow the fears of our pastime to prohibit our wants for the future. Rather, progress is made by continuing to move forward, continuing to live our lives under the protection and enforcement of the inalienable rights that no mortal being can strip from us. And if that means rebuilding a skyscraper, opening a place of worship, or even putting a shopping mall on this place… those acts alone prove to the world that our capitalistic democracy is capable of moving foward even in the face of terrible violence. That there is truly nothing that can stop us in our pursuit of happiness.


Todd September 13, 2013 at 0942

Just to be clear: the site of the old towers is not being commercialized.

This retail space is going into the new WTC 4. (The old WTC4 was damaged beyond repair when the towers fell.) WTC4 is across the new stretch of Greenwich street from the WTC memorial park & museum.

It appears that the above ground retail space actually faces away from the memorial site – toward Church St. For those familiar with the old WTC layout, this retail is about a block south of where the old (and hugely missed) Borders store used to be. It’s where the entrance to the concourse mall was in the old WTC.


Nom Jumari September 14, 2013 at 0241

There was a shopping complex underneath the World Trade Center originally.


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