Apple’s Newest Architectural Design Revealed At Mall

September 3, 2013

The first example of a brand new architecture for Apple’s retail stores was fully revealed last night at the future Stanford 2 (N. Calif.) store, with a wide glass storefront, stone interior and overhanging stainless steel roof. The store will open on September 7th to replace the existing Stanford mini-store that’s about 300 feet away in the same mall, and operating in the shadow of a huge Microsoft store. This same architectural design will also be used at the future downtown Portland (Ore.) and Aix-en-Provence (France) retail stores, both now under construction and due to open next year. At about 8 p.m. last night workers began peeling away the black plastic covering over the windows, revealing a wide but shallow retail floor with 12 product display tables. There are no products in place yet, but trucks were arriving today with pallets of various fixtures at the rear of the store. At the back of the space there are two openings in the stone wall that lead to a second retail space that includes more product display tables, accessories and the Genius Bar. The design and space organization simplifies the visual experience for passersby and visitors even more than current designs. It also provides unprecedented visibility into the store from nearly 315 degrees, including from the sides as mall visitors arrive from other points in the mall. In the photo above, the underside of the overhanding roof is visible, covered with stainless steel panels. The back wall of the store is medium-gray stone framing the back-lit graphic displays. (Click on the photo by Greg above for a larger view.)

For a wider view of the storefront and plaza, view these panoramas: #1 / #2 / #3

This photo shows the new store under early morning light, looking across from right to left. At the far end of the space and on the right side is an opening that leads to the rear retail space. The flooring appears to be the traditional Italian stone tiles, not the terrazzo material that has appeared at several other stores. Click on the photo by Greg for a larger view.

Apple completely reconstructed the plaza in front of the store to create—what else—symmetry and a place for passersby to sit and admire the store. There are entrances to the store on each side, and in front under the Apple logo.

Workers put up black plastic inside the front windows on Tuesday morning to prevent views into the store. Notice the amount of glass, interior visibility and the shine of the stainless steel under the overhang.

Pallets of various fixtures were arriving Tuesday mid-day at the back of the store, wrapped in plastic and with documents attached indicating they arrived from a warehouse in the Los Angeles area.

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