Australia Store Gets Real With Blueprints—Again

August 30, 2013

Over two years after Apple’s architects filed blueprints for the MacArthur Chambers (Brisbane), another set of drawings has appeared in the city’s planning files, providing revisions to certain construction details and finally confirming the store is a “go.” The revisions were filed last week, and are mostly minor changes to a back stairway, mezzanine wall and certain window details. Construction on the building began just after the previous bookstore tenant moved out in mid-2011. The bankruptcy of the store’s major contractor in mid-2012 delayed the project, and there were also reportedly more delays created by installing a modern retail store within an historic building. Earlier this year court action seemed to indicate the project had been entirely canceled. But the latest blueprints show the project is active. A landscape plan filed Wednesday reveals that Apple will remove distracting sidewalk items in front of the store, and align two trees to create symmetry with the façade elements of the building. According to tipsters, the store could open this October. Download (pdf) the interior blueprints and the landscape plan for more details.

This blueprint shows the minor changes (red) proposed for the ground-floor of the store. It also shows how the display tables will be arrangd in the store. Click the image for a larger view.

The blueprints show minor changes (red) to a window on the right, and also notes the location of future signage. Click the image for a larger view.

This landscape plan shows how the current sidewalk configuration (lower) will be changed (top). The red indicates what will be removed or moved. The yellow indicates the lines of symmetry created by the two trees and the building features. Download the landscape plan (pdf) for an explanation. Click the image for a larger view.

This view from the front door of the building shows the current plaza. The bench and tree (right) will be removed. The photographer humorly suggested that Apple might also be removing the “busker” playing music on the plaza.


This photo of the MacArthur Chambers building from 1898 shows the size and scale of the building from the intersection.

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