Apple Tweaks Store Product Shelving

June 28, 2013

For Apple’s retail stores, it’s really about the details, which is why visitors haven’t noticed a small change to the wall-mounted product shelving at one of the stores, part of an eventual chain-wide refresh of certain store interiors. According to insiders, the Corte Madera (N. Calif.) store was renovated over several nights earlier this month, replacing its original shelving with a new model that has no vertical dividers. The change was apparently done for aesthetic reasons, and because the new design no longer needs the dividers for structural support. The shelves now have a continuous, flowing and unobstructed appearance. Further, the lay-out of products on pegs or shelves is no longer organizationally constrained by the dividers—groups of products can be three, four or any number wide. All the other stores with the wood shelving design will be scheduled for overnight interior refreshment, sources say. Newer stores have a stainless steel design, and already sport the no-divider style.

This photo shows the current style of product shelving at most stores, which features vertical wooden dividers that provide some structural support for the shelving. The new style of shelving does away with these dividers.

The rear wall product shelving at the Corte Madera (N. Calif.) store has been updated to a new design that removes the vertical wood separators. Now the shelving presents a continuous appearance. Click the image for a larger panoramic view.

The shelving hardware itself remains the same.

To the right of this photo you can see the structural divider of the shelving section. However, there is no vertical wood section.

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