Rare Store Relocation Scheduled for Ohio Store

June 7, 2013

Persistent rumors of the Legacy Village (Ohio) Apple retail store moving away have now been confirmed with the sighting of construction work behind a fence at the Eton Chagrin Boulevard mall, about four miles away. Besides gaining a new location, the store will nearly double in size, insiders say. The current store opened in October 2003 in a 30-foot wide space west of Cleveland. Many of the stores that opened in that era have already been expanded by knocking out walls or moving to a new space. In this case, it’s likely that, for various reasons, Legacy Village could not produce an empty, larger space for Apple. With no prospect of a larger space, and the expiration of the store’s initial 10-year lease, Apple decided to move. Most recently, Apple moved The Gateway (Utah) store operation to a mall nearby, creating the new City Creek store.

The current Legacy Village store (blue pushpin) will move to the Eton Chagrin Boulevard store (red pushpin).

View Legacy Village Store Moves To Eton in a larger map

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FormerLegacy June 25, 2013 at 0623

The new store is going through it’s NSO outfitting this week. Most of the staff working at Legacy right now are temp help from other area stores which is causing a bit of chaos. The Legacy store this past year has been used for quite a few pilot programs that Apple has been testing and then rolls out to the rest of the chain. The temp employees are not used to doing this in a totally different manner.

Apple also sent out an email this morning announcing the opening of Apple Store Eton on June 29th. The one thing that is going to kill this location is that there is not enough parking for this mall. It’s well known in the Cleveland area that you can’t find a parking space there now, even during the day. With over 100 employees and their cars, let alone holiday traffic, this location is going to suffer greatly from the complete lack of parking.


Daniel June 25, 2013 at 1125

As of a couple weeks ago Eton employees are not allowed to park in the Eton parking lot, and parking has improved greatly. All of the employees are bussed in from another parking lot. With the addition of Tiffany & Co. and Apple well see how it holds up.


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