Lincoln Road Expansion Up For Approval–Again

May 13, 2013

Apple is making a second proposal to the city of Miami Beach (Fla.) to build an expanded store along the Lincoln Road pedestrian shopping mall, after being denied permission to demolish and rebuild in 2011. The new project is next door to the previous proposal, which eventually became a Gap clothing store, and just 1,000 feet from the existing Apple store that opened in July 2006. Like most early stores, the original store was built on a 30-foot wide model that covers 3,000 square-feet, and has become increasingly crowded with visitors. As part of a general plan of expanding smaller stores, in 2011 Apple proposed to demolish and rebuild the building at 1001 Lincoln Road, using a version of the Upper West Side (NYC) architecture. However, the city planning commission objected to the complete demolition of what it considered to be an historic structure, and eventually Gap built on the site. Now Apple has made a second expansion proposal for 1021-1025 Lincoln Road, a 60-foot wide space occupied by three retailers. According to the June 11th agenda (pdf) for the city’s Historic Preservation Board, the current structure would be demolished, and replaced with a two-level Apple store totaling nearly 10,000 square-feet. The 1932-era building is considered “contributing” to the historic Lincoln Road district, and is listed in the Miami Beach Historic Properties database. It was renovated most-recently in 2000 and 2004, perhaps reducing its historical significance and the potential for demolition objections by the city’s board. Based on the approval process timeline and construction schedules, the expanded store would open in 2014.

Three retailers (Johnny Rockets, Quiksilver Boardriders Club, Sunglass Hut) now occupy the 61-foot x 75-foot parcel along Lincoln Road proposed for an Apple store expansion. The large, 20,000 square-foot space to the east is occupied by a Gap store, which is where Apple originally proposed an expansion in 2011.

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