Boston Apple Store Closed After Nearby Bombings

April 16, 2013

One of two terrorist bombs that exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday was just one block from the Boylston Street (Mass.) Apple retail store, close enough to rattle the tall glass windows and unnerve employees. No one in the store was injured, and the building remained intact. But today the store was closed to comply with a law enforcement security zone, and coincidentally so employees could recover from the terrorist attack that killed three spectators and injured over 176 other people. Apple replaced the store’s usual Web page with a simply-worded message of support for the community. “Our thoughts are with our neighbors in the community and everyone affected by Monday’s tragedy in Boston,” the message said. The explosions occurred at 2:50 p.m., about two hours after spectators packed the sidewalks to watch the front-runners cross the finish line. As mid-pack runners passed the Apple store towards the finish line located 1,000 feet east, the first explosion occurred. Within 12 seconds, the second device detonated, just 560 feet from the Apple store. Both bombs were placed on the sidewalk, on the same side of Boylston Street as the Apple store. Tweets by store visitors after the blasts said everyone in the store was shepherded into the basement after the explosions until it was determined to be safe outside. City officials say the investigation security zone could be in place through Thursday, meaning the store might re-open on Friday. Apple stores are infrequently closed for an entire day, mostly for weather-related events or electrical problems. Update: The store re-opened April 24th.

The store’s temporary Web page does not include the usual hero photo, buttons for the various services or the event calendar. Instead, it uses gray type to relay a low-key message of support. View the usual Web page for the difference.

View Boston Marathon Explosions in a larger map

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