Court Orders Apple To Finish Retail Space

April 11, 2013

The final word has been issued on the long-running and troubled construction of the MacArthur Chambers (Brisbane, Australia) Apple retail store, but mystery still surrounds why Apple cancelled the project in the first place. According to tipsters, a Queensland state court has ruled that Apple must continue to pay for construction on their portion of retail space within the historic building, up to a “end-of-lease handover” standard. That is, additional construction must be performed inside the space so the building owner can lease the space to another tenant. Within days of the court’s ruling, Apple began taking bids from local contractors for the required work. Right now, passersby say the two-level retail space in city-center is quiet. About half the interior work is unfinished before another retailer could install their own store interior. An extensive renovation on the 1934-era building began in mid-2011, but was interrupted in early 2012 when contractor Kell & Rigby went bankrupt. Work began anew within months, but stopped again in in Nov. 2012 when Apple decided to cancel the store. Since then, virtually no work has been performed on the interior. The reason for Apple pulling the plug on the project is still unknown.

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