San Francisco Mall Store Set for Expansion

March 31, 2013

The smallest Apple store in San Francisco has been scheduled for an expansion this year, more than double its square-footage in a curved space not far from the original store. The project is among about 20 stores that Apple will expand this year to manage an ever-growing number of shoppers and visitors to the Genius Bars. A characteristic black plywood construction barricade appeared this week in front of three spaces at the Stonestown Galleria where the future store will occupy 7,690 square-feet with an unusual curved glass storefront. That size will put the store on near-equal footing with San Francisco’s two other existing stores, which are street-level and range from 9,500 to 15,000 square feet. A city building permit (pdf) puts the value of the construction at $1,996,994. The existing store opened in Sept. 2004 with a 25-foot wide storefront framed by stainless steel, among the narrowest in the chain. The space is T-shaped and covers 3,160 square-feet overall, but with just 1,500 square feet of public retail space that is inadequate for training or Personal Setup activities. To make way for Apple’s expansion, the JC Culture, Talbots and Chico’s stores have moved out over the past months. Apple will occupy both of the first two spaces, and part of the vacant Chico’s space. Based on construction schedules, the Stonestown Galleria store could open in time for this year’s holiday shopping season. (The store was edited to reflect a revised square-footage for the expanded store.)

This is the original store space that was first unveiled in Sept. 2004. The space is just 25 feet wide, one of the narrowest in the chain, and 60 feet deep. The space offers none of the training or set-up space that more recent stores incorporate.

These are the three curved spaces that the expanded Apple store will occupy later this year. The curving storefront is reminiscent of the Aventura (Fla.) retail store.

This panorama show the width of the future store space. Click on the image for a larger photo.

This panorama shows the current store (left) and just down the hall the future expanded store (black). Click on the image for a larger photo.

The mall plan shows how the T-shaped Apple store will move into three spaces that form a curved storefront. Apple will occupy spaces 170, 171 and about the right-most 10 feet of #172 (the remaining part to the left will be occupied by a bakery restaurant). The width of the storefront will increase from 25 feet to nearly 75 feet. The square footage will increase from 3,160 to about 7,690, double the original space.

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