Evidence Mounts For Next Netherlands Store

March 13, 2013

Demolition and construction is underway along a narrow street in the city of Haarlem (The Netherlands), and all the clues indicate it will be the country’s next Apple retail store. The space is along Grote Houtstraat, the city’s main shopping pedestrian walkway, close to many other upscale international retailers. As detailed by OneMoreThing.nl, demolition has been completed on the ground floor along the street, and the entire rear of the narrow-but-deep parcel. Two levels of apartments will remain above the store, part of a “Live Above Shops” program. On the ground level, the store will comprise about 8,000 square-feet, extending all the way to the street behind the store. Based on construction progress, the location could become the second store in the country by year’s end, beating out another future store location in The Hague that is also under construction.

According to visitors to the construction site, the land parcel is moderately wide and very deep: 78 feet x 227 feet, extending all the way to Klein Heiliigland, the street behind the store.

But the store will occupy slightly less than the full parcel, tipsters and a store floor plan indicate. The public retail space at the front of the store will occupy two sections: product displays and the Genius Bar in the front, and a slightly-raised, smaller area at the rear for accessories and a cashier counter. Both sections total about 6,800 square-feet. The back-of-house will occupy the very rear of the parcel, a narrower space that totals about 1,140 square-feet.

An unpainted construction barricade blocks the storefront, but the open gate shows how the rear of the structure has been completely demolished. The two upper floors will remain as apartments.

The structural steel for the final building is visible in this photo. The storefront is about 43 feet wide.

This view is from the rear of the parcel looking towards the front of the future store, about 227 feet. The space closest to the camera will be storage and back-of-house space, about 20 feet wide and 57 feet deep.

This drawing depicts the future store, with the front door to the right and the back-of-house to the left with a door onto the back street. The yellow rectangles have been added by a tipster to indicate the location of Apple’s furniture. It’s clear that the store will occupy a much smaller area of the parcel. Click the image for a larger view.

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