Blizzard Fails to Discourage Apple Store Visitors

February 10, 2013

Despite Mother Nature’s best effort, the blizzard nicknamed Nemo failed to close Apple’s Fifth Avenue (NYC) retail store this weekend, and didn’t discourage customers from visiting the store. The storm struck Friday night with 60 mph winds and officially left 11.4 inches of snow in Central Park, which is adjacent to the store’s glass cube entrance. Inside, maintenance personnel mopped the occasional water dripping from the glass cube onto the stone floor. Outside, a crew successfully used a mini-snowplow to keep ahead of the snowfall. The epic storm struck the northeastern states, an region with almost 40 Apple stores, delivering all-time snowfall records up to 40 inches in some cities. (photo by Dan Nguyen on flickr)

Inside the store during the blizzard, a worker mopped up water that dripped from the ceiling, while store staff and customers occupied their time.

The Fifth Avenue retail store stood as an inviting beacon during the Nemo blizzard. (photo by Dan Nguyen)

The top of the Fifth Avenue store glass cube was covered with snow during the Nemo blizzard. The snow melted slowly, preventing any accumulation. Some of the melting snow dripped through the seams of the glass cube and onto the stone floor of the store.(photo by Dan Nguyen)

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