Armed Robbers Invade Paris Store, Employee Injured

January 1, 2013

Police are investigating the New Year’s Eve robbery of the Opéra (Paris) Apple retail store, during which four armed men entered the store and made off with products and cash. One employee was injured during the robbery, but police did not describe the extent of the injury or say if it were life-threatening. There is speculation the attack was timed to coincide with the assignment of Paris police to New Year’s activities, leaving fewer officers to respond to crimes. The invasion robbery is among the most violent in the history of Apple’s retail chain. In April 2011 an armed security guard shot and killed one of two suspects who smashed into the Otay Ranch (S. Calif.) store. Both men had guns, and one fired at the security guard. In Paris, police said the suspects gained entry to the store by assaulting a security guard at about 9 p.m., three hours after the store closed for the day. Over the next 40 minutes the suspects loaded a large number of products from the  stockroom into a waiting truck, and then fled. Products on display were not disturbed, sources say. No arrests have been reported, although police are viewing surveillance videos to assist their search. Local news reports say the value of the stolen merchandise could exceed $1.3 million. Police have only said that Apple store managers are taking an inventory of what was taken.

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