Brazil, Turkey Retail Jobs Appear On-Line

November 13, 2012

Apple retail fans in two vastly different parts of the world just received good news when they noticed retail job listings posted for Brazil and Turkey. Neither listing specifies a city for the future stores, but São Paulo and Ankara are likely targets for Apple’s international expansion. The stores would be the first ever in South America and in the black-out zone of eastern Europe/western Asia. Rumors and tips about Brazil have be frequent over the past five years, but Turkey is a complete surprise among Apple store watchers. Brazil is home to South America’s leading economy, and the country’s generally stable growth through the recent economic downturn has made it #7 in gross domestic product (GDP) among the world’s nation’s. Turkey’s economy has been less stellar, but 2001 financial reforms have allowed the country to largely weather the economic downturn. Brazil’s population—and potential Apple store customers—is much larger than Turkey’s, 200 million vs. 80 million. The education level of both countries is nearly identical. The stores could open next year: the appearance of a job listing typically leads the grand opening of a new store by about five months, or in this case mid-April 2013. As well, by the time job listings appear, construction on new stores is already underway. In this case, no one has yet reported spotting construction on either store. Update: has identified the Brazil store as the new Rio de Janeiro Village Mall, in the area of the 2016 Summer Olympics venues.

Both new job listings can be viewed by going to Apple’s general jobs Web page, and then selecting the respective countries.

Earlier speculation about a Brazil store focused on the Bourbon Shopping mall in São Paulo, the country’s largest city with nearly 20 million metro residents. Meanwhile, 6,200 miles away, capital city Ankara has 4.5 million residents, much smaller than another location possibility, Istanbul, with 13.5 million metro residents.

Beyond Brazil, South America’s economy could limit the number of countries suitable for an Apple store, including Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Venezuela (in order of per capita GDP).

Geographically, the Centro Sicilia (Italy) retail store is the eastern-most location in the chain, creating a huge black-out zone east of Germany and Italy. There have been sightings of Apple’s retail team in Moscow, but no rumors of stores in any eastern European country.

These screen shot snippets of the Brazil and Turkey job listings show that no specific location is mentioned, only the country.

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