Details of Australia Store Expansion Revealed

September 13, 2012

Two months after the Chatswood Chase (Australia) Apple retail store closed and moved to a temporary space, details are emerging about the major construction that will nearly triple the original location’s space for visitors. According to city planning documents, three mall spaces will be consolidated for the expanded store, and there will also be major changes to a mall loading dock and elevator to accommodate the store’s second-level back-of-house space. The store opened in August 2008 in a suburb north of Sydney in a nearly mini-store space just 25 feet wide. The original store had one center row of tables and shallow wall counters in less than 1,000 square-feet. According to the plans filed with the city, the future store will expand into the spaces to the left and right, and move back-of-house operations to a space on the level above. The mall’s ground-floor loading dock will be reconfigured, and the existing elevator will be rebuilt to extend exclusively from the dock to the second level Apple space. The loading dock change also required changes to an outside walkway used for fire egress. Interestingly, the plan approval required Apple to make a $3,074 cash contribution for childcare, open space and recreational facilities under a provision of the national environmental laws applicable to all retailers. Download (pdf) the planning document for more details.

This is the narrow Chatswood Chase store that opened in 2008 with less than 1,000 square-feet of retail floor space. This space will be combined with the stores to the left and right to create the future expanded store.

This mall plan shows the area of the loading dock and driveway that will be changed to create a secure elevator for the Apple store, linking the dock, store and an upper-level back-of-house space.

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