Early Store Expanding, Moving Closer to Ground

August 29, 2012

An odd side effect of Apple’s’ plans to expand the Towson Town Center (Md.) store is that the store will be two levels lower in the mall, making it less accessible to the adjacent hillside parking areas, and further from the top-level, up-scale stores. According to retail sources, construction work is underway now on space #2180 on the second level of the mall to install an L-shaped Apple store totaling 8,331 square-feet. The original store on the fourth level opened in October 2002 with about 4,200 square-feet. The four-level mall sits on a hillside, and Apple store visitors typically park on the up-side to make a quick entrance to the store. After the move, visitors will have to do more walking to reach the store. The expansion is part of an on-going project to enlargeĀ the stores, particularly those that opened in the first two years of operation. The expanded store is scheduled to open by Thanksgiving.

Later this year the existing Apple store will move from its original location on the fourth level to a larger space on the second level.

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MELANIE September 17, 2012 at 1755

I live across the street from the mall, and Apple is actually moving to the fairly new “Luxury Wing” of the mall, and its close to 2 main entrances with its own garage and valet parking, and right above the main restaurants, I think its a good move


Marco Kathuria September 25, 2012 at 0625

I agree with Melanie — the new store will be in a prime location but more importantly, both customers and staff alike will not be subject to the space constraints of the existing store. Even during so-called quiet times, the store is packed with customers and specialists making the shopping experience a stressful one for some folks.

The original 35 footer has served it’s purpose; now it’s time to move to bigger and better digs.


rkolsen October 1, 2012 at 1736

Went to Towson Town Center today and expected to visit the Apple store and was greeted with a sign saying that it relocated to the second floor between Swarovski and Tiffany’s in the luxury wing of the mall and is surrounded by stores like Burbery, Louis Vuitton, Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel.
I think its a great idea – it will keep out the riff raff of people who are just there to surf the internet and use their WiFi.


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