Temp Store Open During Expansion Construction

August 24, 2012

Visitors to the Walt Whitman (NY) shopping mall may be puzzled to find the Apple store has moved, and now has a strange-looking interior design. The relocation and appearance changes are because the store that opened in May 2003 is undergoing a major expansion that will eventually make it one of the largest mall stores in the chain. Perhaps not coincidentally, Microsoft is building a retail store just down the hall, to open later this year. Apple closed its original 30-foot wide store in late May, and operations were moved to a temporary store at the opposite end of the mall next to Abercrombie & Fitch. The store features a faux-steel, gray frame around the old storefront glass, topped with a back-lit Apple logo. Inside, the temp store features a wood floor, non-backlit wall graphics, an office-type ceiling and lighting, and standard wood tables and wall counters. At the original store, a black construction barricade hides major work to consolidate the Gymboree (to the left) and Gadgets & Gizmos (right) stores with the Apple store space. The expansion will bump the final store’s size from 3,960 square-feet to 10,350 square-feet, considered “very large” by Apple’s standards. Construction should be finished in time for the holiday shopping season.

Download (pdf) the mall plan annotated with the expansion plans and showing the location of the temporary store. Thanks to Ron for the photos.

The original Apple store (red) will expand into the adjacent spaces (yellow), while a temporary store (blue) provides service and support for customers.

This is the temporary Apple store while the original store is expanded. Apple retained the former tenant’s glass storefront, and added a gray faux-steel frame around the windows.

The interior of the temporary store features the classic wood floor, wood display tables and wall counters, and wall graphics that are “sorta” back-lit.

The original store is covered by a black construction barricade, along with the spaces on its left and right. The combined space is 75-feet wide.

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