EasyPay Coming to Australia Stores

July 9, 2012

The thrill of using an iPhone to buy products at an Apple store, and then simply strolling out the front door, is coming to Australia. On Thursday the company will turn on EasyPay service for the country, letting product-focused customers bypass all human interaction and quickly pay for their product. The service has been available in the United States since November 2011, and rolled out to the UK and The Netherlands in the following months. The service is part of the Apple store app for iOS devices, which also provides product information and reviews, Personal Pickup, a store finder and direct access to the stores’ various reservation systems. The EasyPay service has reportedly received high scores during post-purchase customer surveys, and praise from knowledgeable customers who are in a hurry to buy one specific product. It’s not clear why Apple has implemented EasyPay in the selected countries, and whether it’s a technology or cultural reason. There also is no information about how EasyPay may have led to increased shoplifting at the stores. After a purchase, a receipt is emailed to the customer and can also be displayed with the Apple store app. However, employees don’t routinely verify EasyPay purchases as customers leave the store.

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