Apple Improves Employee Discount Program

June 22, 2012

On the heels of early employee annual raises and a special one-time pay hike, Apple has now improved the existing employee discount program on Apple products to allow cash off on Macs and iPads. The program is particularly relevant for retail store employees, whose hourly wages frequently don’t allow them to purchase the very products they are assigned to sell, repair or train with. Under the program, the company is offering a straight $250 off the price of an iPad or $500 off the price of any Mac model, usable once every three years. The cash discount augments a personal and friends–family percentage-based discount program on most Apple gear that has been available for many years.

Most retailers allow their employees to purchase discounted products sold at the store. Depending upon the products being sold, the discount ranges from small (3-5%) to substantial (50%). At some clothing retailers, management expects employees to purchase the store’s merchandise at a discount and wear it during work. A family-friends discount is also common among American retailers.

Under the current Apple discount program, on their first day of employment, staffers are eligible for a 25 percent discount on one of the following products: iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. The same discount is also available on one each of the various iPod models, an iPad, Airport base station and Apple display, and a “reasonable quantify” of Apple accessories. There is also a 50 percent discount on most Apple software and 10 percent on third-party accessories, both in reasonable quantities. AppleCare is also available for a 25 percent discount.

Friends and family of an Apple employee are also eligible for a discount on products, most limited to three products at a 15 percent discount. No employee product discounts are available for the Apple TV or iPhone.

After an employee has been on the job for 90 days, the new EPP+ program becomes effective. The program was announced by Apple CEO Tim Cook last January, and is just now taking effect. The program lets an employee chose one of two discounts: $500 off the price of a Mac (mini excluded) or $250 off an iPad. Once the discount is used, an employee is not eligible for this discount again for three years.

Based on the cost of the various iPad models, the new discount ranges from 30 percent to 50 percent. The discount on an iMac, for example, would range from 20 percent to 41 percent.

Interestingly, an explanation of the discount program reportedly states that just-introduced Apple products are not available for an employee discount purchase until about one month after they are available to the public, presumably to maintain a supply for ordinary customers.

On the practical side, if an Apple employee purchased the lowest-price version of each discounted product, the total cost would be $3,571, or about 10 percent of a typical retail store Specialist’s annual pre-tax salary. With the $892.75 employee discount, the final price for all of the products would be $2,678.25.

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Blahhhblahhh June 22, 2012 at 0523

European discount rates are:
27% Personal Discount
17% Friends and Family Discount

The 500$ discount is frozen at the value of the dollar from last March. Often equating to a lot less of a discount for the European stores..


Howard Davis June 27, 2012 at 0931

$250 off an iPad OR $500 off a Mac ONCE EVERY 3 YEARS… how generous (NOT).


Nathan July 7, 2012 at 0947

@ Howard Davis: You can actually get both discounts.


Marquita August 4, 2012 at 1730

Apple is the worst company to work for. This damn $500 of an iMac and $250 off an iPad should have been available a long while ago. It’s a damn shame that they make their employees suffer and deal with customers and they have no clue what the customer is talking about but they expect you to get it done and make the customer happy. FUCK APPLE!


Marquita August 4, 2012 at 1733



Marquita August 4, 2012 at 1734

@NATHAN You can get one or the other not both! Apple world! But as an employee who sells APP, I make them that in no time with my sales. I should have received one a long time ago, but NOT! I had to pay for it and I make them money everyday!


Gina Davis Los Angeles January 4, 2013 at 2010

You people are ungrateful. I work for apple and sell there products and I don’t bitch about sh**! Y’all need to be happy you have a job that pays well oh wait you would b****! That you should make 10000000.0000 an hour plus bonuses everyday and 6month paid vacation all year… Some of you need to be slapped around and brought back to earth. Don’t like your job then LEAVE I am sure working for mc Donald’s you will love that job a WHOLE LOT!!!!


Na November 13, 2013 at 1552

This is to Gina… I don’t know what store your working at but… No one gets 6 months off from work and gets paid for it. Not true. Also there are no bonuses. So excuse me for not taking your side. Oh wait. You aren’t even allowed to comment on this. Due to
The fact that your making false statements about your job. Does it not state that your not allowed to post, talk, or even mention anything about apple inside workings? Yeah That’s what I thought. I’m sure Gina Davis your store leader would love to see this information. FYI there are people like me
Who work at corporate and it’s our job to search for stuff like this and Inform your store leader. Its a shame you had to say anything at all. You knew from day one you are NOT allowed to post anything about Apple if you work for this company. This is why you will no longer work for Apple.


jonezen November 21, 2013 at 1152

Gina Davis,
I thought that we were supposed to compare Mac to PCs, not Big Macs. You are clearly grateful for your position at appl and that’s great, and Na, you should take that into consideration before denying Gina’s right to free expression based on corporate Newspeak. But Gina, are you playing fair when you state that if someone is unhappy with Apple’s new employee discount program, they must also want a whole lot of other unreasonable perks that you came up with, and not them? Calling people ungrateful and stating that “Some of you need to be slapped around and brought back to earth” is a bit much. And then telling them to quit Apple if they’re unhappy and go work for MacDonalds, as if that’s the only other choice available to them, suggests that you perceive the world in rather concrete black or white terms. It also suggests that you run a risk of remaining loyal to authority at all costs, perhaps because you cannot imagine who you would become if the role Apple provided you with was taken away. Open your horizons: there is more to the world than Macs and Big Macs. Your life is unique and special and you have the freedom to choose what you’d like to do, but so do others, so I wish you would refrain from levying judgments upon them because they think differently than you. Apple’s Think Different marketing campaign is probably something you could get behind. So Gina, that said, is there anything that appl could do differently that wouldn’t cost it a lot, but would mean something special for you? Think about it. I believe that’s what this old thread is really about. Please don’t ever be afraid to speak up and ask for something you believe you deserve if you’ve earned it through exemplary hard work. Maybe you truly believe that Apple does not owe its employees anything more than it already gives, but you would be wrong. If the management team decided to offer this additional benefit to its employees, it’s because they probably researched the job market and employee relations carefully, and found that sometimes offering employees perks actually can improve the company’s bottom line. And perhaps their offer could have been more generous: Apple has over 100 billion dollars in cash that it has been hoarding not have to pay US tax rates. Just bringing home less one per-cent of that money, Apple would have a billion dollars to divide among its 50,250 employees, which would amount to $19,900: and using only 1/4 of that toward’s the Employee Discount Plan would leave you with almost $5000 to pick and choose whatever hardware or software you wanted. And honestly, I think Apple could easily afford it. Also, most Apple employees would learn more about the products they need to sell and repair, and many would feel better about the company they work for. That could be a win-win. But if you want to compare how Apple treats its workers compared with MacDonalds, you’d have to check out the profit margins on sales at both companies to realize that you were comparing apples to oranges, while cutting off your nose to spite your face. IMHO, it would not hurt you, Apple, or any other employee at Apple if you were allowed a slightly larger bite of the stash of 102 billion in cash that the largest corporation is hiding away from the very people who help make this company one of America’s largest corporations, with a market cap that is still 130 billion greater than Google’s. Maybe it’s time to start thinking that you are a part of this successful organization for a reason: you provide them with more value than they receive from you. If you seize the right opportunities, you can re-balance that equation for mutual benefit: make yourself more valuable to them and they will find a way to keep you, which means more profit for you and for them too. I sincerely hope sharing these different perspectives can serve you in some way.


jonezen November 21, 2013 at 1203

Na, assuming that you are to be taken at your word and that you really do work for ‘corporate,’ please do not abuse the power that was granted to you to take anyone else down or threaten their sense of economic security with comments like this: “Its a shame you had to say anything at all. You knew from day one you are NOT allowed to post anything about Apple if you work for this company. This is why you will no longer work for Apple.” You probably don’t have the power you claim to have, but if you do, posting something like this online represents an even greater breach of Apple’s rules about airing internal laundry, because you are attempting to take this online. If you are in Apple’s corporate division and this message gets flagged, you might be the one to lose your job, although I do not wish that upon you. I do wish that you would not use your position of authority to make others feel small. You were not hired for that, but you could be reprimanded and potentially dismissed for doing just that, which is actually quite hypocritical, because you are doing exactly what you claimed Gina should never have done in the first place…and that’s a shame. Help raise Gina up…see if you get her a raise or catch her doing something right. I thought managers were supposed to lead by example, not by shaming or threatening people in their organization with termination.


TriniFOX March 14, 2014 at 0037


Just to inform you all, in most European countries you basically get 1 year off paid when you have a kid. This is in addition to the standard 5 weeks of vacation and a maximum work week of about 36.5 hours.



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