N. Calif. Store Scheduled For Move, Expansion

April 16, 2012

Tipsters have identified yet another store on Apple’s list of locations that will move and expand to accommodate the growing base of visitors, this time at the Arden Fair store in Sacramento (Calif.). According to sources, the store will move from its upper-level, 30-foot wide space to the former Pottery Barn space on the ground floor. The move will give the store an impressive 78-foot wide storefront, and will upgrade the store’s interior from about 3,650 square-feet to 9,723 square feet. A visit to the current store reveals vintage features: wood floor and frosted glass wall partitions. During a recent weekday visit, there were 31 employees providing service to at least 90 customers, mostly concentrated near the rear Genius Bar. The future space will allow more room for product displays, but also provide more tables for personal training and product setup. A timeline for the Apple store move isn’t known—the future space is now occupied by a temporary Ann Taylor store while that store’s home space is being renovated. Update: In March 2013 construction revealed that Kiehls will occupy the former Pottery Barn space, not Apple. Instead, Pottery Barn Kids will vacate space #1280 across the hallway from the space in the diagram. In Aug. 2013 a black construction barricade appeared, confirming the location of the future Apple store.

The existing Apple store on the upper level will move later this year to a larger space on the lower level.

The existing store occupies a 30-foot wide space on the upper level. (click image for larger view)

The cramped interior of the store is crowded with customers at most hours.

The interior of the store is particularly crowded in the back half, near the Genius Bar. (click image for larger view)


The store is among the few with wood floors and frosted glass partitions, a left-over from the original store design.


The Apple store will eventually move to this space, now temporarily occupied by an Ann Taylor store. (click image for larger view)

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